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Rare 1913 April National Geographic Peru and Machu Picchu edition

I have a April 1913 edition Edition National Geographic magazine for sale. Asking $234 but open to offers. It looks to be in very nice condition but is missing the fold out. Even the spine is very nice for its age though someone seems to have added a small piece of tap to protect it (see pics). Can take more pictures if you want. If interested just reply to me here and we'll go from there. Thanks

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Just so you know, the fact that it doesn't have the pull out is "kind of a big deal."  It's only rare if it is complete and in very good to excellent condition. 

Agree John, the average for the three highest sales for this issue on eBay, since August 2012, "all with supplement," is $226.14 ranging in quality from Good (-) to Very Good (-).

The highest sale without supplement for a Good (+) issue was $98.00.

This issue, without any further information other than the pictures, appears to be a Good (+) to a Very Good (-).

For someone who already has the issue in poorer condition and has the supplement this could be a good catch, at a reasonable price that is.

Good luck with your sale!

Thanks for the post John- I've seen ones with worse covers go for slightly less. The fold outs are much easier to find in decent condition as damaged magazines are easier to find and nearly impossible to repair or at the least not cheap to repair. Hard to find one that has a nice cover/ spline. Either way I believe I know where I can locate a nice supplement if I have to for a reasonable price. Right now I am open to reasonable offers but if I have to purchase the supplement I have seen ones similar go for $250 (with the supplement) on Ebay which is what I should be able to get for it in that case- all depends on the timing. Best Regards 

Is your April 1913 edition still available?

Hello Michael. I apologize about the delay but a thunderstorm knocked out our power/ internet for a few days. No sorry that one was sold sometime ago. I have only one left now for sale. It does have the rare supplement and is in very nice condition with a small chip on the top of the binding and a minor one (1/8in by 1/16in) in the middle to one side. Other than that it is very nice. The binding is tight and all the pages seem to be present. The supplement is in very nice condition.  The last one did sell for my asking price (on my other site). Open to offers on this one. They used go for around $250 to $285 but I haven't seen any decent ones online for a sometime now. If you are interested and want pictures let me know and we'll go from there.


Hi Bob, 

I am very interested in this.  Can you please send photos.


Here are the pictures Micheal. There is a very minor pencil mark on the front cover (faint) and one on the inside of the page behind the foldout. Both are seen in the pictures but really are very minor in my opinion. I didn't see anyother markings when I flipped through it.



Here are the rest of the pictures- for some reason I can't attach them all at once. If you want anymore just let me know.


Hi Bob;

I would like to buy this from you.  What price would you take and do you have paypal or something to be able to pay for it?



Hiello Mike, I apologize for the delay getting back to you as I was away for the weekend. As to price on this one I would like to get about $260.00  plus insured and  trackable shipping .This is shipped to USA only. Also, I would need to know where this would ship to to figure the cost. If this is agreeable please let me know and I can get this going for you. Yes, Paypal is good with me. Thanks


I am in Cape Coral, Florida, please let me know what the final price would be with everything included

Hello Mike. I'll friend you or you can friend me. that way we can share our contact info and don't have to worry about our emails being spammed.




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