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NEW Magazine: "At National Geographic we can't get enough of animals...."

".....We are endlessly curious about [them]. That's why we're delighted to introduce Nat Geo WILD magazine."

                  * from the welcome page;

                              - Susan Goldberg, Editorial Director, National Geographic Partners

Hello 'Corner, 

Nat Geo WILD magazine, hot off the presses. See scans attached of the front and back covers. This is dated October/November 2016, and NGW is to be a bi-monthly.

This showed up on newsstands this past week, and is currently listed as a special edition issue on the NG Store pages (note: not yet on the All Magazine titles link). 


The format from a production standpoint is deluxe, with thick stock covers, high-gloss finish, thicker pages, and is 8" x 107/8" , 96 least for this first issue so far. Physically, this looks like a NG History issue, or the ongoing special (collector) edition issues that have been released at retail outlets (and on the NG site) this past decade. 

$6.99 cover/retail price. This is an ad-free publication; though there are 4 "ads" that are for NG programming, so more akin to internal announcements pages rather than outright advertising. The inside front, and rear covers, and 2 other pages in the front Dept's. section. 

Pertaining to the content and scope, this magazine is a hybrid of stand-alone content and being a mouth-piece (or, cheerleader) for the Nat Geo WILD Channel. So it will be complementary with the Channel, not separate. This first issue features dual-cover format, being the front and back function as a full cover. Being that they chose "Our Best Friends" (i.e., dogs and cats) as the inaugural theme, I see a bit of pandering here - they're showing cat and/or dog lovers: "hey look, we put your favorite on the cover".

Details for the content of this first issue --

Articles ("this issue") :

  • Our Best Friends - our homes, lives, but do we know them? (*pets, w/ dogs emphasized)
  • Extreme Vets - about vets and snapshot on Dr. Pol
  • Cesar 9-1-1-  ~  his 9 key lessons for newbees/veterans
  • Have Pets, Will Travel - pet-friendly travel strategies & tips
  • Man's Other Best Friends - cats

Departments ("every issue") :

  • Wild Preview ~ upcoming on Wild channel
  • Wild Things ~ photos of our wild world
  • Wild at Home ~ celebrating creatures in our homes/lives
  • Wild Explorers ~ animal kingdom explorers making a difference
  • Wild Adventures ~ wildlife travel hotspots
  • Wild and Weird ~ crazy, cool, kooky things we love about animals
  • Wild Shots ~ spotlight on the Photo Ark Project (e.g., Joel Sartore)
  • Last Shot ~ behind the scenes of Photo Ark

I was not able to locate an actual press release announcement on this new title however; also it is not reflected on the main home pages for the NG Wild links/Channel links. I also wait to see when it will be placed under the magazine(s) links on the store subscription tabs.

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Hi Scott,

It appears NG Wild magazine has been discontinued after issue #2.  I tried to subscribe but they sent me a note saying they weren't taking subscriptions and would refund any subscription money paid.  This even beats the short-lived Green Guide of a few years ago.



I sent a subscription card (no payment) in late September for NG WILD, and on Oct. 22nd, received this card (image inserted below). It instantly reminded me of the same scenario back in 2011 when I tried to subscribe to then "Exploring History", which existed for 4 issues across 4 years, before finally re-debuting as simply "History" in the deluxe format like WILD. 

I think they plan to issue NG Wild regularly as a "special" issue until they make final decision to get the subscription going. It seems more solid then "Exploring History" did, at first.

"Green Guide" - haha, don't get me going on that one! I believe I have every issue of if. 

Say, when did you send your NG Wild subscription in? 

~ Scott 

Hi Scott,

It looks to me like NG Wild magazine is dead.  (I tried to subscribe about when you did.) It was really just advertising for the NG Channel.

I think the reason NG History magazine eventually caught on is because it is actually relevant to people who are history buffs, even though they are printing a lot more than they sell.  Its large "bookazine" format makes it a pleasure to read.  But I wonder if it will continue.

I think the Green Guide reflected a brief trend which did not go mainstream. It was really a woman's magazine.

As a collector, these short-run magazines are interesting as examples of misguided concepts.  I also see a gradual decline in the quality of the NG Magazine.  I prefer to read the issues from previous decades. And it is interesting to see the highly sensationalized covers of the NG Magazines on the newsstand vs. the subscriber cover of the same magazine.  Two very different spins on the same stories.


Hmm, you're likely right:  Nat Geo WILD is done already? , as I not that the Feb/Mar. issue should probably have already made its appearance if not...

I'd like to comment back on a few of your other points above too, but alas cannot right now.

I'm glad to see someone else was interested in monitoring these other side magazines. I have every issue of Green Guide, for collection purposes only. I thought it kinda sucked. 

I like your phrasing about trends and short-lived concepts. I like HISTORY magazine too, I keep a running subscription to it (have every issue). Did you notice NG SCIENCE that just came out?, but I don't think they're putting out an issue #2 - we'll see. 

Hi Scott,

I got a card from NG Science saying that there will be no more issues.  Another one bites the dust.  It is interesting to note the NG Science feature article and cover about sugar is almost the same as a NG Magazine cover and article of a few years ago.


Yeah, the "Why We Love Sugar" of August 2013's NGM, I thought the same thing. 

Weird that Science bit the dust already -- it's still on newsstands, haha.

I got an email like your card about Science's publishing schedule being "uncertain at this time...". 

Happy new year to you,

- Scott



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