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My late father had a collection of National Geographic that he prized and had a special place in his home for.  Upon his death, they were boxed up and give to me.  During one of our turbulent storms here in Texas, one of the boxes was completely destroyed and I would like to replace the magazines that were ruined.  I am looking for the following dates:

1958 July - December

1959 Jan - April

1960 March - October

1975 May

1977 March - August

1987 September

1998 July

2000 February, April-July, September-December.

I don't want anyone to break up an entire collection, but if you have a partial collection and have any of the above dates, please contact me.  If you are in Texas, I can arrange for pick up to save on shipping.

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I have the following editions if you would like them.  I am at my mother-in-laws in Kansas so we would have to mail them to you.  Please let me know if you are interested asap as I am getting ready to donate a bunch to the local art center.

1958 July, Sep. Nov

1959 Jan Feb Mar

1960 Feb thru August and Oct

1975 May


That would be great!  Are you offering them for free?  How would you like to arrange for payment?

Yes, I am offering them for free as long as you will pay me for the postage.  You can e-mail me at and send me your address and then once I take them to the post office to mail them I will let you know how much the postage was and where to send me a check to cover it.  Does that sound good?

I haven't heard back from you.  Do you still want these?  If not, then I will give them to the local art center.  Please respond as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Sorry, I have been out of pocket all day.  Yes, I do still want them.  I will e-mail you at the email address you sent me.  Thanks!

Hello Melanie,

I have the following editions, and would only expect the shipping costs from you.  If you are interested, I can get them in the mail and let you know the cost.  A check sent my way would be fine, and I will let you know my address when you respond.

       July 1998

       Feb., May, June, and Sept. of 2000

These do not have the maps included.




Terri Pombier

That's wonderful!  The maps don't matter. Please let me know how much the shipping is and I will get it off to you right away.  My address is:

Melanie Rodriguez

5792 County Road 607

Hamilton, TX 76531

I see several people have responded & it looks like my mother has some that you haven't received yet:

1977 Mar-Aug

1987 Sep

Would you like them?

My Mother is "downsizing" & is glad to find a happy home for them. :) 

So if you haven't already obtained these issues, I would be happy to package them off to you.

Miriam Thompson

I would love them!  Please let me know how much shipping is and I will get a check off to you.  Thanks!

Oh my!  I am currently clearing up a corner of our house & just found the box of Nat'l Geographics I intended to mail you half a year ago!  Are you still interested? or have you already received  the above listed copies from somewhere else?  Sorry about that!  Miriam Thompson (



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