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National Geographic's ADVENTURE Magazine ~ brief overview + all covers uploaded

Greetings Collector's Corner,

I've posted all the covers of Adventure magazine in 2 photo albums. That's 94 issues. Here's the folders --->

A brief run-down of Adventure:

Ran from 1999 - 2009/10, just slightly over 10 years.

Its only mission statement was:

National Geographic Adventure is the magazine for people who want to explore the exciting world of National Geographic for themselves: to travel to and protect the wildest corners of the planet; to see and understand the wonders of nature; to interact with different cultures and inspiring landscapes.

Your support is vital to National Geographic's mission to increase global understanding and promote stewardship of our planet through conservation, research, exploration, and education.

Adventure commenced with the Spring 1999 issue, and was billed as an 'inspirational adventure resource'. It was quarterly in the beginning. It was at its largest format during the first 4 years (width, height, thickness). 

It went bi-monthly with the Jan/Feb 2000 issue, and ran thus through Nov/Dec 2001. Starting with the Jan/Feb 2002 issue, it went to 10 times per year. It ran 10 issues/year through to Dec 2008/January 2009. 

In the mid 2000's the height of the magazine was reduced. It was to be reduced again, height & width in 2009. It was at its slimmest and smallest during the 2006-2010 time-frame (thinner paper too). 

Now, it wouldn't be a discussion about a Nat Geo magazine without mentioning 2 things:  a yellow border, and map supplements!

  1. Adventure did not feature a yellow border for its first 7 years, until the February 2006 issue.
  2. There was a total of but 1 "map" supplement. It was loosely inserted into the June/July 2002 issue. Interestingly, it is the same 'poster' that was included in the June 2002 issue of NGM ---> the infamous Mt. Everest Expeditions poster with the advertisement on back. 

Adventure used only one tagline over its 10 years; it was printed under the title on the front cover:

  • Dream It. Plan It. Do It.  ~  (2003-2010)

In 10 years, Adventure had one Editor (Editor in Chief):

  • John Rasmus


Originally, when Adventure went to 10 issues per year, it was published as: 

  1. Jan/Feb 2002
  2. March '02
  3. April '02
  4. May '02
  5. June/July '02
  6. Aug '02
  7. Sept '02
  8. Oct '02
  9. Nov '02
  10. Dec '02/Jan 2003

Then for 2003 - 2008, it was as thus:

  1. Feb
  2. March
  3. April
  4. May
  5. June/July
  6. Aug
  7. Sept
  8. Oct
  9. Nov
  10. Dec/Jan

However, they then decided to make it untidy some more by going to 8 issues for the year 2009 w/ revised publication months:

  1. Feb '09
  2. March
  3. April/May
  4. June/July
  5. Aug/Sept
  6. Oct
  7. Nov
  8. Dec '09/Jan 2010

But this is detail that is really getting nitty-gritty, so with that I close my historical overview of National Geographic Adventure magazine. 

               ~ Scott S.


Sadly, the final issue had no announcement or Editor's letter indicating discontinuation of the publication. Adventure (allegedly) still has an online presence.

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Impressive Scott, keep up the good work.

Thanks Tom, I had long wanted to do "Adventure" magazine, but I only just finished building my set in June !

Good read Scott. Thanks for sharing.

Thank-you Dalton ~ if you have interest in the other "sister" publications, I have already in the past posted covers and descriptions of such titles as:

  • Traveler (1984-2020)
  • Research {& Exploration} (1985-1994)
  • World (1975-2002)
  • History (2015 - present)
  • Exploring History (2011-2014)
  • all the 'collector's editions' which are newsstand book-a-zines (2001 - present)
  • BirdWatcher (2001 - 2003)
  • Green Guide, The (2008 - 2009)
  • and a bunch of other items!

You could go to my page and click on 'photo albums' to view anything of interest.





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