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I have these great condition leather cases from years 1983-2010 up for sale. Right now they are divided up by decade:

1983 - 1989
1990 - 1999

2000 - 2010

All in great condition, a couple of covers might have some very light damage on a corner or two. Shipping per decade should be cheap ~$20 per decade give or take. If you are in Chicagoland local pickup is always an option!

Let me know if you are interested in any or all of the decades. Make me an offer!

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Yes, I am interested; the value of the slipcases varies greatly (a year ago I got two decades for $100, and 3 months ago 1 decade for free); I have a collection 1920-present and they need slipcases; the year doesn't matter, I have labels.

Best, Gabe

You are interested in the entire lot then? From what I've seen on eBay and various forums anywhere from $60-100 per decade is about average depending on the condition of the cases. 

What is your zip code so I can get a better idea for the shipping costs?

Yes, I'd be interested in the entire lot. My budget on this is about $200 including the shipping costs; my zip code is 08108 (near Philadelphia) and I think the weight without the magazines is not too much and the media mail shipping costs should not be much.

Best, Gabe 

The cases will not count for media mail but that's okay. 

How about a flat $200? I will take care of all the shipping costs. 

O.K. sounds good. Do you want me to pay through Paypal or send you a check? Let me know how.


Paypal is probably best. Email is, or vice versa if you give me your email I can request the payment from you. 


I just sent you the $200 via Paypal. Gabe

Thank you, I saw your payment. I'm creating the shipments now and then I will drop the packages off first thing tomorrow and update you with the tracking numbers. Thanks again!

I emailed you the tracking information using the email that was in your Paypal since it is difficult to add more than one tracking number in the Paypal transaction. 

I'm expecting your packages to arrive Friday, the latest by Monday. Thanks!

The three packages arrived in good order, very good quality slipcases. Thanks!


I am happy to see this turned out great for both of you, and quick turn-around time. This is a perfect example of (part of) what this 'Corner is about.

~ Scott S.

Ditto Scott!



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