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I have inherrited a set of NG magazines and am curious about them. From what I understand the maps are are valuable as the magazines. For examply I have a 1900 edition with a map of alaska. Any thoughts on it's value?

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The 1904 issues (with the Jan supplement "Map Showing Award of Alaskan Boundary Tribunal") represent a unique volume within the early (first 18 volumes) publications.

The collector must go back to 1899 to find a more difficult year to complete, so the 1904 maps (and issues they were published in) are worth a bit more than any of the pre 1910 maps (and issues).

The one exception to this is the Jan 1902 supplement pair of maps, perhaps the rarest maps in the entire National Geographic collection. Those maps (only two sets have been sold on eBay since Dec 2008) as a matched set have averaged $2,406.50 (sold with issue).

Back to the Jan 1904 issue: the highest three sale prices (this is the only data I keep in my database) on eBay since Dec 2008 (when I started tracking sales) have averaged $167.33. The supplements were included with all three sales. The individual issues ranged from Poor Condition to Very Good condition.

It is my opinion you will fetch a better price if you sell the maps with their supplement rather than attempt to sell them individually.

Hope this answers your question.


To be a little more precise, I am referring to the 1904 volume being the hardest volume "after" 1899 to complete (12 monthly issues making a volume).

So I have one issue. November 1899 with alaskan map. Specifically what do you think it's value would be by itself.


We need to be very specific here.

The November 1899 issue was published with two large (larger than the printed page) maps, known as Plates XII and XIII, Vancouver's Chart No. 1 & 2. There were many other maps the size of the printed page included in this issue, one of which is known as Plate XI, Map No. 11 Hudson's Bay Company Map.

If your November 1899 issue is complete WITH the two large supplements, tipped into the issue behind the front cover, then the average for the highest three sales of this issue on eBay since December 2008 is $238.83 ranging in condition from Poor (both covers separated) to Good (Covers attached with small pieces missing from edges and or binding).

Hope this helps!


Note: eBay sales are catch as catch can, i.e. you never know what you're going to get, or if buying, how much it's going to cost you. Let me stress - I only keep the highest three sales. There may have been other sales that didn't break into this top three list. What I can tell you with some degree of certainty, you would pay a lot more for this complete issue from a book dealer - and the dealer would give you far less than this to take it off your hands.

Thanks. That is the issue I have with the two maps. Appreciate the feed back.



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