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Good night,

To end part of my collection 1900 - 1910 the next numbers are missing. I would like to know if any one has this numbers in perfct condition to sell.

Best regards

Antonio L C

      1900 - All exept fev , april and august
      1901 - june
      1902 - Sep and Jan
      1903 - jan , fev , april

      1904 - Mar , may , july

      1906 - Mar and jun
      1907 - May
      1910 - Fev

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What do you consider "perfect" condition?

I have several, ranging from fair to very good - but sending to Portugal will not be an easy task. It will also be costly.

One you might be interested in is the January 1902 with both maps, the rarest in the NG collection.



Hi Melvin, I will call you melvin and not mel ok? Mel is honey in portuguese ;)

To perfect condition is very good and not good. Older than 1904 I have them 100% intact, before that can have slight defects, but photos easly resolve our thoughts.

I bouhgt 85% of my colection in USA and it was never a problem to receive them here. And never had to pay an huge amount of money for one or 2 magazines. The price depend from east to west coast. 

One question Melvin. Did you sell magazines at ebay? I believe I already bought to you.

But lets do like this, tell me the price for the numbers you have including the 1902 with booth maps and then we dicide if it is good idea to send photos.. ok?

thank you for your fast unswer.



Attached is my standard for grading NG magazines.

We should communicate privately about pricing. I sent you a private message for this purpose.

I do not believe we have had business together. If so, it had to be several years ago.

I have sold very few magazines on eBay, and fewer still overseas - but I have done so in both cases.

Here's what I have:


Jan - Fair w/map

+Jun - Damaged (missing back cover)

+Jul - P+ Complete with front cover separated


+Jan - G+/VG- w/both maps *


+Mar - VG-

+Jun - G+ w/map


May - VG-

+ indicates the issue is scarce (hard to find)

* indicates these are the rarest (loose issue) maps in the NG collection

Let me know which ones you're interested in and contact me offline to discuss their pricing.

Looking forward to our discussion.

Mel(vin) - ha!


Boas noites António,
É que você tem revistas em venda? Minha coleção é quase completa à partir de 1917, mais não é fácil achar mais antigas do que isso em Espanha. Vou duas ou três vezes ao ano à Vigo, e poderia fazer alguma visita ao Porto.

Muito obrigado,

Juan Carlos.

Boa noite Juan,

Obrigado pela tua mensagem. Na realidade nao tenho nenhuma revista para vernder. Eu sou comprador. A mim faltam me 4 ou 6 revistas de 1900 a 1910 e é esse neste momento o meu foco. O resto arranja se com facilidade no ebay


Feel free to look on Ebay as I posted many that you are looking for. My ebay username is Jonslx.

Sorry i didn t see u already have it

Can u please check my ebay message?

If you accept to sell them buy it now, of corse we can arrange a diferent price for the pack. A bit higher of corse.

We can also do it out side ebay

Good morning,

Thank u very much for your kind message

could you please post at ebay or send to my whatsapp  00351938453420  images from spine for the next numbers? Right now they are the numbers missing atthe colection

National Geographic magazine 1900
January,March, June, July , November and December
March and May
thank u



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