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List of all National geographic Maps and Suppliments

I found it handy to have a list of all the maps and suppliments so I could keep tab on which ones I have and which ones i need. Enclosed are the list in text and rich text formats

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how about the 2004 Wash D.C. (tear out) supp  too? 

...and the August 2000 Sydney Olympics tear out? 

(* sorry, I am hastily just asking w/o going and looking them up on your sheet, heh)

 It's the June 2004 issue, Phil, and it is perforated.

Damn.  How long were you gonna keep this a secret Scott?  lol

well, I had a list of some things to bring to your guys' attention, uh, like 2+ years ago that went MIA (just before you came on here to alert everyone to the 1983 D.C. tear-out), and just ahead of when some of you started discussing the perforated, tear out things so pointedly. Then things came up and I never got back here to go over it. 

still have 2 more "secrets" to unveil, since I have in the meantime not seen any of you mention them within your discussions. ha.

Of course, after I mention them, someone else will show up out-of-the-blue and say 'yeah I knew about that all along'. But - I did know about the '83 tear out before your posts about it. It's just at the time I had plans to get all the scans/pics and info. organized into a tidy informative discussion post, like the way you do all yours nowadays.

Can't wait for your 2 reveals.  I'm already planning revisions to my "Perforated" discussion.  Also thinking of a new DC post including 1915, 1983, and 2004.


The above root discussion was posted in 2011. If you look in the forum section at the top of this sites home page ,14 discussions down from the top is: . This is the most up to date lists of supplements. We add perforated supplements to this list as well as traditional loose sheet supplements. So look at the check off list of all national geographic maps and supplements. The Nov. 2016 Mars sheet supplement is NOT on that list yet..


Thanks for the reply, Phil.  I'm not counting the perforated supplements, though...only the traditional loose sheet supplements.  Your list doesn't distinguish between the two, eh?


I notice that all the lists posted here only go up to 2011.  According to my records, there were no supplements at all in the years 2013 and 2014, and only one in 2015.  This is a significant aberration from recent times.  The last time there was only one supplement was in 1934 and no supplements in 1920.  I've charted the number of supplements by year to get a clear overview (see attachment) and the 2013-2015 dearth strikes me as very strange.  Just curious if this data agrees with all of yours'?


Really cool graph visualization John, thanks for sharing it. Kinda like what I always wanted to do...

- Scott S. 

You're welcome!  Glad you like it!



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