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List of all National geographic Maps and Suppliments

I found it handy to have a list of all the maps and suppliments so I could keep tab on which ones I have and which ones i need. Enclosed are the list in text and rich text formats

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Here's the Text format list
A lot of work! Thank you for sharing Philip!

Hi Philip,

thank for posting the list of supplements. But your list is not complete.

I created a list of supplements too, and have some more entries. The list of the supplements (the older ones) based on the books "Collecting National Geographic magazines" (1935) and "Collectors Guide to the National Geographic magazine" (1962) both from Edwin C. Buxbaum.


You listed the january 1980 "World" supplement but I can't find this one in the magazine. From where is your information about this item?

And the november 1993 "Water/United States" supplement is not in the regular magazine but in the special edition magazine "Water".


In the attachment you can find your list in columns A and B and my list in columns D and E. Hope you read OpenOffice documents. If not, please contact me.

My list was based on a list

by Wm. Robert Johnston which had maps released by National Geographic as large wall maps that were not issued in the monthly magazines. When making my list from his list I deleted any non monthly magazine maps. I missed the Jan 1980 when I deleted them.I am enclosing a copy of that original list from Mr. Johnston   for comparison purposes. I hope this helps to answers your questions. Also thanks for posting your excellent list.(which I can read)..........a much better list than mine.


Thanks for sharing this list Philip, I've been trying to compile one myself and god knows its no where close to being complete, maybe I could compare with yours...

Great of you to share, thanks again.


Hey guys.  Are there, in fact, supplements for the June 1979 and January 1980 issues?  These two are suspiciously missing from my collection and I suspect they were erroneously added to the list as there is no mention in the issues themselves that there was an accompanying supplement.

Also, Heiko, you specifically questioned the January 1980 supplement in your post, but your database also lists it.  I'm so confused.


No supplements came with the magazine in June 1970 and January 1980 issues. There were world maps released on those dates but they did not come with the monthly magazine.


Thank you Philip.  I assume you meant June 1979, not June 1970.

Yes, I meant June 1979

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a list of maps and supplements that came with the monthly magazine?  I'm assuming there are hundreds of maps and posters that the National Geographic Society has produced, but these seem to be the only two non-magazine supplements included in this list.


Have you updated your list to include the January 1983 two-sided DC map?



That 2011 list has been updated to include the Jan. 83 map. I will post the complete list of Maps and Supplements as of Sept. 2016 now



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