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Hi all, I have a Vol. I No. 1 Reprint that I got from ebay, the word REPRINT is printed in the front page just under  WASHINGTON, D.C. besides the looks(very old, old, new) is there any way i can know when this reprint was made?

My reprint looks very very good, if you tell me this reprint is from 10 years ago I will believe it and just paid $19.99 so I don't think it is from the first reprints

Thanks in advance

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    There are only 2 versions of your Vol 1 No1 with the word reprint on it. The first is the 1964 reprint. The second is the 1975 reprint. The difference is a tiny 75 on the back cover shows a 75 reprint . The 1964 reprint has nothing on the back cover. The $19.99 is a good price for a Vol 1 No1 reprint.

I hope this explains your issue.



Phil is exact in every regard with all the reprints he has described.

To be a bit more precise with the 1975 reprint of Volume I, No. 1, the small number 75 is printed on the inside of the back cover in the lower right quadrant. Without that number, it can only be, for the time being, a 1964 reprint.

A little more discussion about all "complete issue" reprints:

First came the 1922 Volume I, No.'s 2 and 4 only, published by the National Geographic Society (NGS).

Then came the 1964 Volume I through Volume XVIII, all issues reprint, both in bound and loose issues published by the NGS.

Then came the 1975 Volume I, No. 1 (ONLY) reprint, published by the NGS.

Yet to be seen (by me at least), the NGS is about to distribute another copy of Volume I, No. 1 with their latest Atlas coming out by the end of this year. I do not know if this is another (different) production run, and if so how it will be identified, or just a distribution of the remaining 1975 reprints in the NGS inventory.

There are "other" circumstances where reprints have been published, but not by the NGS or, if by the NGS, not as complete issues. If you should get your hands on any of these, you'll immediately know the differences.

Enjoy your collection!


Phil Thank you very much for the information as soon as get back to my house i will check if there is a 75 on the back.

Your answer leads me to another question, I have read that there was a 1922 reprint how to diferenciate it from the 1964 and 1975??

Thanks in advance


       1922 reprints do no have the word Reprint on them. They  are for Vol 1 No 2 and Vol 1 No 4. They are identified by their color and faint vertical lines on them. Your Vol 1 no1 was not reprinted in 1922.



 What can I do with bound volumes 51 (1927) through 70 (1936).  I need to get them out of my office.  Plus index volume.

Just let me know!
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Good info PJJ, I already have my collection from 1905 to 2012, complete, with bound volumes, i´m looking for indexes from 1911 to 1926 as my bound volumes from that dates do no have the volume index(semester or years of years 1911 to 1913)I also have reprints of bound volumes I to VIII so the only years I`m missing are 1898-1904

thank you!!!!

Mel and Phil

Thank you very much for the information about reprints I have checked my copy of vol 1 No 1 and it has the small 75 on the back cover so that confirms my copy is from 1975

I will post a picture as soon i get to my home



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