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HELP!! Large collection most Full years 1909 - 2011 single issues 1897 early 1900's. HELP

Please help!
We have come into a large collection of NG's from my late brother. He was actively collecting when he passed. To pay some of his final expenses we are going to have to sell this collection so we need some guidance from you.
We have FULL Years from @1912 - 2011 with partial years 1910 & 1911 missing just 1-2 issues to make the full year on those. 1913 may not have that year. A few years (1934, 1940, 1941,1947, 1954 we have 2 full sets). Plus, we have some single floaters and 2 "special editions" We believe they are complete as there a lot of maps inside them as well.
We have single issues Oct 1897, 1902, 1905 (2 issues), 1906 (4 issues) 1907, & 1908. How do we tell the difference between originals and reprints???
He did his best to get the most pristine copies so most of them are in great shape, however there are a few with some condition issues.
Any help and guidance is most appreciated!
Pat M.

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Sorry for Your Loss. Reprints were from 1888 thru 1907. On the front cover of reprinted issues is the small word "reprint " near the bottom of the front cover. From what you said I think the early issues you have are originals (most reprints are in mint -like new condition). Your money issues are 1913 back to your 1897 issue. Those years can bring good money on E-Bay. The rest of the collection has some value but would take a long time to sell because of the millions of copies that were printed each month. Early (pre 1915) issues with attached maps or supplements are also valuable.

I hope this info helps you out...



Thank you so much! It Is useful to me to have this information, I really do appreciate it. I think it's wonderful you are willing to share your expertise with us !
I will now Look closely at my earliest issues to verify whether or not they are reprints.
What year going forward would you say to just try to get rid of them for whatever? 1940 forward or later? I just don't want to waste time on issues that won't get us very much going forward.
Are the maps in the later issue worth pulling out to sell?
Thanks again!!


1960 issues sell on E-Bay for around $2.00 each while 1970's only 50 cents each. I would discard 1970 onward. Map values drop for 1960 on up to today. I would keep 1888 to 1957.(the late 1950's and the 1960's maps were basically a world atlas series). Keep the maps with their magazines when you sell the magazines.




For reprints (you'll be most concerned with the fifth type of reprint):

For selling:

Good luck!


Thank you so much! This is very helpful, and I really do appreciate your input!!

Hi Pat.  So sorry for your loss.  I hope your brother enjoyed his hours of collection  with NG.  It takes a certain kind of passion to embrace this.

If you are interested, I would be interested in purchasing everything prior to 1913.  If you have settled on a price, and could take a few pictures of the magazines, I would love to talk with you.


Dave Coopersmith

Hello! It was very nice to get your reply. Yes I absolutely I would be interested, I would be happy to take detailed pictures for you. Everything he has is in really good shape however there are a couple that might have a little stain but you would see that in the pictures. For the most part his ambition was to collect the most pristine copies that he could get his hands on.
I haven't really done much research as to their worth, I was just starting to do my research in that respect and think about eBay. I know you're not exactly local how do you think we can handle the shipping?
I will make a detailed list of what I have in the years you're interested in.
When I have the pictures complete for you where should I email them?
Thanks so much for your interest, Pat
Thanks for the quick reply Pat. Shipping from the US to Canada is not a problem. We are talking about a small box of magazines, probably 10 or 12 pounds in total. US Posal Service has an expedited parcel rate to Canada that is quite reasonable, and when I buy from Nick, that is how I ship.

You are certainly free to try e-bay, but you may be disappointd. I too want magazines that are as pristine as possibe, although staining is almost a given with 100 year old plus magazines. I no longer buy from e bay because I cannot trust the quality descriptions of the site, and most serious buyers will take the same attitude. Nick can help you figure out a fair price for your magaines. What I am interested in are magazines with solid covers, front and back, and solid spines. If you could provide pictures of these for sour magazines, I would go from there. My personal e-mail is It would be far less hassel for you to sell the magazines as a lot.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Oh believe me, eBay is my absolute last resort. Give me a day or so to take the pictures and I'll get them to you as quickly as I can.
Thanks So much!
Sounds great. Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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