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I have a pile of National Geographic Magazines from January 1996 to January 2002. I hate to throw them away. I am offering them FREE of charge – Just pay the shipping. I may have that special issue you need to complete your collection. They are all in good shape. Many are missing the inserts.

January 1996 – Neanderthals

March 1996 – Emperors of the Ice

April 1996 – Storming the Tower

May 1996 – Dinosaur Eggs

June 1996 – Australia's Cape York Peninsula

July 1996 – A Place for Parks

August 1996 – Emerging Mexico

September 1996 – Hawk High Over Four Corners

October 1996 – African Gold

November 1996 – Orbit, The Astronauts' View of Home

February 1997 – Siberian Tigers

March 1997 – Bearded Seals

April 1997 – Hubble's Eye on the Universe

May 1997 – India Turning 50

June 1997 – French Polynesia

July 1997 – Robot Revolution

August 1997 – Malaysia's Secret Realm

September 1997 – China's Three Gorges

October 1997 – Zambezi

November 1997 – North Woods Journal

December 1997 – Wild Tigers

January 1998 – Making Sense of the Millennium

February 1998 – Queen Maud Land

March 1998 – Planet of the Beetles

August 1998 – Return to Mars

October 1998 – Population

November 1998 – Jaws, Maui's Monster Waves

December 1998 – Petra, Ancient City of Stone

January 1999 – Coral Eden

February 1999 – Biodiversity, The Fragile Web

March 1999 – El Nino/La Nina, Nature's Vicious Cycle

April 1999 – Return to the Battle of Midway

May 1999 – Africa's Wild Dogs

June 1999 – Cuba

July 1999 – Iran, Testing the Waters of Reform

August 1999 – Global Culture

September 2000 – Rana Tharu, Nepal's Women of Grace

November 2000 – Libya, An Inside Look After 30 Years of Isolation

December 2000 – Polar Bears, New Cubs on the Ice

January 2001 – 2001:The Body in Space, Surviving the Odyssey

February 2001 – Jewel Scarabs

March 2001 – Extreme Africa, Trekking Through the Green Abyss

May 2001 – Marco Polo, Venice to China

June 2001 – Asia's Last Lions

July 2001 – Grizzly Cornered!

August 2001 – Public Lands are Going Public

September 2001 – How Old Is It? Solving the Riddle of Ages

October 2001 – Tracking the Leopard

November 2001 – Russia, Ten Years After

December 2001 – Abraham, Father of Three Faiths

January 2002 – Wolf to Woof

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I forgot to mention that I will be offering these issues until June 30, 2013, then I will be donating whatever is left to my local library.

Please contact me at if interested.  Shipping will be from Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA



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