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I'm trying to put together a set of early reprints, but don't know how many issues are in the first few years. I know there was just the one issue in 1888, but how many are in 1889, 1890, and so on until it was a monthly publication? 

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By 1896, the Volume VII Geographic, it was a monthly, with 12 issues.

The first six volumes were issued irregularly, and each spanned multiple years with overlap.

Volume I (1888-1889) - 4 issues

Volume II (1890-1891) - 5 issues

Volume III (1891-1892) - 5 issues

Volume IV (1892-1893) - 7 issues

Volume V (1892-1894) - 6 issues

Volume VI (1894-1895) - 9 issues

I hope this helps.

Yours in Collecting,

Tom Wilson

Perfect! Thanks so much.

Here's an old blank inventory "master copy" I have not updated for many years - however, the very first page shows you the "red brick issues" by month of publication. In the beginning of my collecting, this was the most confusing aspect of the NG magazine.



p.s. file did not upload - I'll try again...

2nd attempt at upload

it seemed to have also failed...

Sent a message to Cathy...

I had previously uploaded this file, you'll find it down a bit from the original posting at this link:

Yes, that's just what I needed. Thanks, Mel!

It sure looks like someone took their eye off the ball in 1893-1894. Another curious item I noticed from your list is seven of the nine issues in Volume VI are from 1894, and only two are from 1895; yet, the Society went monthly in 1896.

They were in the process of expansion and reorganization, take a look at the society minutes for the volume - It should clarify their upcoming objectives.

Okay, good idea. But first ... I have to find unbound reprint volumes for sale at a reasonable price.

The best deal I have observed, since Dec 2008 - when I began collecting data on eBay sales, for all 36 Red Brick individual issues was $1,285.36 on 6 April 2014.

I know someone is trying to sell these issues, by volume, for a bit more (when added together). Perhaps you can relay this information to the seller and make an offer for all of the first 6 volumes.

Otherwise, you should expect to pay at least $50 per reprint issue making your expected outlay to be $1800 for all 36 issues - and that is if you can find them. I have not observed "all" 36 individual Red Brick issues for sale since 2014.

Okay, I'm interested. How do we arrange this? I think you still have my email address. If not, let me know.

Mark - it's all on you...

Here's a link to one of the volumes being listed for sale:

Set Of 5 National Geographic Magazine 1893 And 1894 Reprints Excell...

Go to the seller's store and find all the Red Brick volumes she has for sale. Add them up and compare the total to my observation described above.

Decide if you'd pay her price or make her an offer for a combined lot of sale.

BTW - as listed at a "buy it now price" the combined total comes in at $1755.00.

Contact her!

Good luck!




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