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I have 46 bound volumes that include issues from 1961 - 1983.  I would like to know if these are worth trying to sell or if I should donate them to the library.  Can anyone give me an opinion on this?  Thanks!

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Hi Terry

Bound volumes are worth only a fraction of what single monthly issues are. Also the number of magazines issued in the 1960's was over 2.5 million every month and swelled to over 10 million per month by the 80's.. Needless to say those years have hardly any monetary value and  their only value  is the intrinsic value their owners put on them for their  beauty. Most libraries have gotten rid of their Nat Geo Magazines and have gone  to digital collections.. I hope this info helps you out...



Yes that was a big help.  Thanks so much!!

Phil was on the mark with his comment, but I'd also like to add food for thought.

There is a chance, albeit small, that someone is looking for the exact binding you have. If your collection is well bound and its condition is immaculate, you just might get lucky to find the right buyer on eBay. It's worth a shot, at least for a little while, before you discard the books.

As an example: I desire to have a complete individual collection and a complete bound collection. Many years ago, my bound collection ended with the year 1980. I finally located the company that purchased the company "that purchased the company (second purchase is correct)" that had originally bound that portion of my collection from 1947 through 1980.

After some negotiations, I agreed to attempt to have bound the remaining years of my collection in two phases. To make a long story short - the first phase didn't go so well so I didn't attempt the second phase. Now my bound collection ends at 1995.

However, if those volumes after 1995 should pop up on eBay, I'd consider making the purchase.

As so many things are on eBay - it's all in the timing.

Good luck!


Thanks so much for your input. I do not intend to trash them but just wondered if anyone was looking for such a collection. I will donate them to our local library that has already said they would take them. Again, thanks for taking the time to comment - much appreciated.



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