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I'm selling my national geographics. Some of these are in great condition while others may have some tears, wrinkled pages, a few have missing covers which ill detail when i list these out or the binding may be loose as well. I'm looking to sell all of these not just bits and pieces. I'll take cash or trade.

1952- I only have Feb edition and this is missing the cover and back page!
1960-MISSING Jan, June, July, and Aug
1961-MISSING Apr, June, Aug
1962-MISSING Dec
1963-COMPLETE- 2 copies of each month except for March, July and Oct
1964-COMPLETE-2 copies of each except for June
1965-MISSING Jan -2 copies of each but marchs cover and back is missing
1966-COMPLETE-2 copies of each except for May, July, Sept, and Nov
1967-MISSING Dec- 2 copies of each except for Dec
1968-COMPLETE-2 copies of each except for April and July
1969-COMPLETE- 2 copies of each except for March, May, June and July. Also Feb has no cover or back and there will be 3 copies of Sept, Oct and Nov
1970-COMPLETE- 2 copies of each except for Sept
1971-COMPLETE- 2 copies of each and 3 copies of Oct and Dec
1972-COMPLETE- 2 copies of everything except for Aug
1975-COMPLETE- 2 copies of everything except for April
1976-COMPLETE- 2 copies of evertything except for May. December is missing cover and back
1977-MISSING- March- copies of JUST April, May and Sept
1979-MISSING- Jan
1981-MISSING- July
1982-COMPLETE- 2 copies of JUST Oct and Nov
1983-COMPLETE- 2 copies of everything except for March, April and July
1984-COMPLETE 2 copies of everything except for Jan, Feb, April, May, Oct and Dec. Also Sept and Nov are missing there front and back!
1985-COMPLETE- 2 copies of everything except for Jan, May, June, Aug and Dec
1986-COMPLETE 2 copies of everything but March is no cover or back
1987-COMPLETE- 2 copies of everything except for Nov
1988-COMPLETE- 2 copies of everything except for July and Dec
1989-COMPLETE-2 copies of JUST Jan, June and Sept
1990-COMPLETE- 2 copies of everything except May, Aug, Oct and Dec
1991-MISSING- Sept- 2 copies of everything except Jan, March, June, Oct and Dec. Also there is 3 Feb
1992-COMPLETE- 2 copies of everything except for Aug, Sept and Oct
1993-COMPLETE- INCLUDE SPECIAL EDITION "WATER". Also includes 2 copies of everything except for March, April, July and Sept
1994-MISSING- Sept- 2 copies of JUST Feb, April, March and May
1995-MISSING- Jan, Feb, July, Oct
1996 ONLY has Jan, Feb and June
1997 ONLY has Feb

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