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Many collectors like me who get 1 Nat Geo every month will have to go and buy 3 more  at the news stands( If they have 3 different ones) to get all 4 of the different Baby covers this month !

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Philip - care to speculate why?

The answer they imply is that the babies were so cute they couldn't decide so they used all 4. Another reason might be to make collectors have to buy extra copies.(millions of collectors ??) A third reason might be to cover the main "races" of the world.....

The file of Mexican Edition of May NG


As others have implied and said I think the reason of these 4 covers just represent the diversity of races in USA and the world I´m attaching the May Mexican Edition

I thought it might be a good idea to buy all four issues, bag them and just put them away so today I went to the local Barnes & Nobel here in Central PA. I went through their entire stack of NG's and all they had were the bottom two issues (the Hispanic and African American babies).  What one(s) are the subscribers getting?  

I received the Oriental baby from Nat Geo and bought 2 of the other 3 at Barnes & Nobel also (Eastern Mass) They had all 4 there for sale. I got my 4th baby on E-Bay for only $2.00 instead of the $6.00 at the Book Store.


Personally I hope Nat Geo does not start making multiple different covers on the same issue a regular thing. Collecting Nat Geos would soon become very confusing and expensive....


As a fan of magazines and comic books, I second that motion, Philip.  Nothing is more discouraging to the collecting hobby than multiple covers for a single issue.


I just found a 5th different "Baby" cover in  the Spanish language edition of the May 2013 Nat Geo  issue. I wonder how many different babies there are. Can Cathy or Suzan of our Nat Geo corner maybe answer that? 


Just looking things over as well and I believe there may be one additional rub to this.  If I remember correctly (I have not picked this one up but I did get the two covers with the different Jamestown edition a few years back) but I am pretty sure from looking at ebay that the new stand copies will have a bar code on the cover and the mailed editions will not.  


News stand editions have the bar code as well as some table of contents material at the top of the cover that is normally found on the mailed editions were the bar code would be. The news stand editions have covers that are printed on a glossier paper than the mailed editions to members. Some collectors consider the news stand editions and the members editions as variations of the same edition.

Hope this helps.....


Thanks for that info, Philip.

Now being aware of the variations between subscription and newsstand editions of NG; I would love to know how many subscription copies of NG are printed/sold, compared to the number of newsstand copies that are printed/sold.

Is this information available?




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