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4 Annual year Indexes for $1.99 each/clearance. Gone soon...

There's still a few straggler Annual Indexes available on the NG Store site, but they are being flushed asap it looks like. They are all $1.99 on clearance from the regular $8 price point.

For a while these Indexes completely disappeared from the store links, but I stumbled on this tonight vis-a-vis the Collector's Corner resources tab ---> Main page --> NGS Publications Index ---> Print Indexs, thus. 

* 2009's is $3.99, down from $8

About the annual index books:

" Transform your Society publications into a home reference library with our annual indexes. This index includes National Geographic articles, as well as the map supplements, Adventure magazine, Traveler magazine and Kids (formerly WORLD) magazine. "

7" x 10"

1,200 pgs.


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Thanks Scott,

I ordered mine (2009 index) as soon as I saw your post.  Went back and checked and they were still advertising it so I sent an email to Jim Smyth since I know he's looking for the same one.

BTW. No comment on my latest long-winded rant?


great ~ glad it was good to post that, then. 

Oh yeah, I will reply (your list of articles in-ref. to NGS...), was gonna last night, but my mind was so unfocused I didn't get anything done on the 'Corner I meant to. 

I was going to start posting some pics of some things too, but I couldn't sit and focus, haha.

Lookin' forward to them!

Just a heads up, Jim got back to me.  He got his copy ordered, so your post paid off TWICE.  Thanks again from both of us.


Tom, are these 2000's Annuals hardcover as the item states? I thought they were stiff stick s/c's, a la the 1989-1998 NGS Index...?

I have never gotten any of these for the 2000's before.


The photos they display for all the indexes advertised are for the 1989-1998 multi-year index which is only for the NGM.  What they are selling (I hope) is the annual indexes which cover all the NGS publications for each year.  None of them are hard-cover.  I think that part of the description you refer to was a copying error and describes the 1888-1988 centennial index.


hmm, you're probably right. 

According to this description these are the FULL Publications Indexes - not just NGM itself. 


I just got it.  As we suspected, it is not hardcover.  Also, it is 32 pages, not 1,200 which makes a lot more sense.  I'd like to thank you again for pointing me in the right direction.  You said that you hadn't seen one of these indexes so here is a picture.




I forgot to come back and clarify/ask on this point. So this 2009 Index (32 pgs) you obtained then was only for NGM correct? ie, it doesn't index any books, Traveler, etc.  ?

- Scott


All of these blue covered, annual pamphlets (1993-2010) index all the NGS magazines: NGM, Traveler, Kids, etc.  They do not cover books.  This distinguishes them from the per volume indices (1898-1992) which had two each year from 1914 on and only covered the NGM.




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