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2017 issues differences between online archive and Australian edition

As per my previous post (here for reference), I will make a posting of all differences I see between the online version, and the physical copies we receive here in Australia. 

2017 December:

-Everything is identical save for the advertisements.

-Quick note though, in my page of "World Beat" I do not have the "Statement of Ownership, Management, and Monthly Circulation of National Geographic" info. I first noticed this section in my 2018 December issue. Never prior to this. It has been in 2019, 2020, and 2021 December (I assume it will also be in December 2022).

2017 November:

-One of the "Your shot images" (the one in Singapore) is not present in Australian edition. The Rome Italy one is present. Interestingly, the "Sustainability/Assignment" sentence was retained and moved under the Rome Italy page.

-"Explore/Sustainability - Planting Peace" page is not present in Australian edition.

2017 October:  

-Everything is identical save for the advertisements.


-"Food for thoguht" page not present in Australian edition.

2017 August:  

-Really dissapointed with how much us Aussies missed out on this one. There are at least 5 pages missing. The fantastic voyage page, darkness falls, and eclipsed by war. See attached image showing how the pages are linked with ther pages icnluded.

2017 July:  

-Front cover matches the US Newstand version (minus the barcode)

-"Reviving a ruined city" page not present in Australian edition. 

2017 June:  

-Front cover slightly different (I suspect newstand version without the barcode). Like August, a lot of content removed though.

-"#NGM Advances" page not present.

-"High Flying help" page 1 and 2 not present.

-"Big advances" page not present.

-"A thought experiment" page 1, 2, 3 not present.

-"A look at 2017 from 1917" page 1,2,3 not present.

-Entire "Pandora's Lab" section not present (Pg 136, 138, 140, 142, 144, 146, 148, 150). Upsetting that so much content has been removed from our magazines.

-"Thank You" page not present.

2017 May:  

-Cover like the newstand version without barcode.

-No "Visions" Page of penguins or Singapore present.

-No "Fashioning Food Waste" page.

-No "Records of Rebellion" page.

-No "The Softer Side of Robotics" page.

-No "The secret life of plants" page.

-No "Icons, Analyzed" pages, 144, 146, 148, 150, 152, 154, 156. Upsetting like above at amount not present in our copy.

2017 April:  

-Cover like the newstand version without barcode. 

-No "Fish for thought" page.

-No "Freshwater at the source" page.

-No "Deep-Sea Vino" page.

2017 March:  

-Cover like the newstand version without barcode though with extra info (see bottom of image).


-No "Nit-Picking in Ancient Chile" page

-No "Changing the world kids see"

2017 February:  

-Cover like the newstand version without barcode.

-Content page has "features" section swapped over.

-No "Bugs are in our food- and that's ok" page.

2017 January:

-Everything is identical save for the advertisements. Front cover is alternate one (with multiple people on cover).

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Thanks for posting these discussions of the differences between issues.  They are interesting and appreciated.

Tom Wilson

No worries at all Tom. Sorry I haven't been doing it as frequently, I will try to do the earlier years over the next few months, and hopefully there will come a point in time where the issues are identical to what's online.



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