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1962 Anomalies

Print copies for February and April show a red title in the upper front cover margin:

Atlas Map Supplement:…,”

just like all other print copies with Atlas map supplements in the early 1960’s.

However, unlike all the other print copies that ALSO show the red title on the binding, I have copies from these months that DO NOT have the red title on the binding.


1)      There are “earlier” 1960 issues with “black” upper front cover margin titles AND no binding titles, i.e. February 1960. These are in line with the 1950’s print standard.

2)      I have observed “red” binding titles on some of the early 1960’s issues that are so faint as to be barely discernible, but a close inspection will show the lettering.

3)     The examples above have a glossy, unblemished (no attempt at lettering) finish in a blank space where other copies of these issues in my inventory actually have the red titles on the binding.

Any thoughts, ideas?

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per your #2] - are they barely discernable on your copies due to extreme light fading?


per #1] - are you saying that there are some 1960 "stragglers" that got off the presses with no spine info. RE the article contents? I don't think I've seen any Jan. 1960 forward without the articles printed on spine...


RE: those missing/lack of, Red spine designations for map supplements...we know that that happened from time to time. Anecdotal evidence from hither n' tither has maintained that the missing Red spine text, and/or a missing TV banner was to be found early in the press-run for said issue, and that (ostensibly) as QC caught it --or, barring a late editorial directive from HQ-- by the end of a press run (OR a 2nd print run//reprint, etc.), the Red map name or Red TV program banner would appear.


 - Scott


#1 - not stragglers, but standard formats following the late '50's style, i.e. the front cover had the map supplement titles printed in black in the top margin, AND said title WAS NOT listed on the binding edge.

#2 - NO not barely discernible - I have some of these. I actually took the time to look at the binding with a "jeweler's loop" and there exists no indication, whether by faint red lettering or even imprint that there was any attempt at all for printing - i.e. the blank space is "virgin."



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