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Greetings, I have Slipcases for National Geographics for sale! As of this posting I have every one from 1968 until 2004. These include the newer all brown leaterette and the old black and red style. I am asking $2.50 each plus postage, If you get 12 or more I will pay shipping within the US. International shipping is prepaid for exact cost. Priority goes to PayPal payment but I will take M/O's as well. Some cases have minor "defects" but if you still need them I will reduce the price accordingly. I will describe each case's condition prior to asking for payment!

I have now decided to accept trades as well, I collect Graded Coins and Cards, OLD stock certificates, Presidential Memoribilia, Autographed photos and index cards and more just ask!!

Please email me at my busisness email ( or reply here. 1st come 1st served!

I also have Back issues of National Geographics from 1968 until 2003, I am asking .99 cents each PLUS shipping. Some are MINT others are excellent+. Email your needs list to the address above!

Joe Sr.

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Which slipcase years to you have in the brown leather?
I have EVERY slipcase in the Brown Leatherette from 1982 to 2005.
I also have EVERY slipcase from 1966 until 1981 (old style). Some of the old style do show wear!
The brown one's are in nm-mt condition with NO damage!

I am interested in the reddish brown ones. If I chose twelve of them (which is 6 years worth could you please tell me what the complete amount will be?
hi Joe
Thanks for the info.I am looking for slipcases from 1990 till 2004 to store my collection.preferbely the brown type.
They should be in fairly good condition and defects should be minor in nature as descibed. Would like to know the cost of shipping and handling to singapore via ordinary mail? Method of payment would be paypal
You may contact me at or
Awating your response
Hi Joe,
I have never heard of, or seen, the "old black and red style" slipcases.
I would like to know what they look like. Can you, or anyone, post a photo?
Thank you.
P.S. On their web site, the NGS sells slipcases from 1950 to 2010.
Are they all the same brown leather style with gold writings?
Hi Claude
Yes, I am aware of that but, NGS dont ship to countries out side the US. I am in singapore. There is an NGM store here in singapore but they dont carry the slipcases. So, as can you see, I am a little stuck coming to this. but thanks for the info
Hi Ringo,
I am in Canada. A few months ago, I tried to order NG slipcases from or, more precisely
You are right, it says "Not available for shipment outside the U.S."
I wrote to Costumer Service and they told me I could order slipcases from
It works! I have been ordering slipcases from that web site and they
ship to my home in Canada. I just checked and Singapore is on the
list of countries they ship to.
Bonjour Claude, Je suis de Granby, et je possède les N.G. de 1909 à 2003 Mint condition + livres + cartes + slipcases + binded books en plus J'ai environ 2500 doubles des année 1912 à 1950. et tout est à vendre.
Tu peu me contacter par courriel : ou téléphone 450-777-3236


Dear Joseph,

Do you still have anything available?


Please look at my needs here:






are these still available,  if so what would be the total costs cost including shipping to tampa florida and how do i order?? thanks

will you please reply  to mine of 22 feb?  thanks

I wrote to the comcast address and got bounced. I am rewriting here:

Mr Joseph Zeidler:

Dear Joe,

I saw your Advert on National Geographic Collectors Corner. I am a new collector and I am interested in map slipcases.

Can you let me know if you have any and what you may have. Thank you. Take care, Dennis



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