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I'm 16 and collect. I'm trying to find cheap Nat. Geo's to add to my collection. If anyone could help that would be great! I cant spend much money since I don't have much. So the cheaper the better.

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Hello Nick,

Welcome to the site! Feel free to chat w/ me on here anytime. I too, was interested in Nat Geo Society and Magazine since I was about 10 years old I think.

Be sure to browse through some of these other postings, as there are some folks looking to pass on their Magazines to those who would enjoy having them [they keep saying they do not wish to throw them away...].

If you work out an arrangement, you would need to pay for the shipping of course, at the minimum.

have a good week,

Scott T. Shier
Greetings Nick,
There is a wealth of resources on this site as well as a number of knowledgale members to.
I have accumulated my collection over the years with that same frugel attitude you have.I will be happy to assist you in whatever ways I can. Post a list of your wants/needs regarding particular years and/or issues.As mentioned by Scott earlier your biggest cost will be shipping.Feel free to drop me a note anytime. Welcome and best wishes for a successful hunt.
Do you know how much the magazines dated 1962 thur 1980 `s i would greatly appreciate
I started by checking my local newspapers for people wanted to get rid of there holdings. I found most of my issues from 30's and 40's to current for little to nothing. I did post and ad in a local paper and recieved some good responses.

Bill Cole
I am looking to give away 1987-2002 NG magazines. Shipping costs would be impossible for anyone to deal with. If you live near Concord, NH, driving them over would be cheapest.

Thanks for the offer. I already have most of those years, and I'm in Washington State. Thanks tho.
i have Ng from 1930s and up i'm looking to sell. Get back with me on a price and we'll see if we can make a deal
where are you located? for shipping reasons, if shipping would be too high I cant do it. How many do you have?

After more sorting, I have found that I have more duplicates from the 1940s and some 50s. I also have some from the 1920s + 30s. If you have any interest in these let me know. I can tell you specific issues if you want to know. I have not counted them yet. There are some maps included.

I'd be happy to give them to you (just pay shipping), so I can get them out of here, haha. They are nice, decent. Some do have spine damage - but otherwise clean issues.

- Scott S.
That sounds great. What issues are the 1940's and 50's? I'd be happy to pay shipping. When we know how many there are, we can figure out the cheapest cost for shipping. Thanks!
69 Issues total. Here are the years, w/ how many per year:

1959 - FULL year (1st year when illustrations started on cover)

1940 - 4
1941 - 6
1942 - 8
1943 - 5
1944 - 6
1945 - 11 (missing March) ~ also has Flag on July's cover
1946 - 1

1930 - 2

1921 - 2
1922 - 5
1923 - 1
1924 - 1
1925 - 1
1926 - 8
1927 - 5
1928 - 1
1929 - 2

You can tell me your ZIP code so I can weigh and figure some S+H amounts. Media mail will be cheapest (though that is a "fib" - technically Magazines cannot go media). HAHA.

There is also the Flat-rate box which I can squeeze about 17 issues into for $9.80 per box.

1959 year is in beautiful condition!! The rest are all OKAY, with varying signs of wear/age.

- Scott
Very cool. I know I dont need 1959. I already have that year. The rest I would like to try to get. My zip code is 98275. So whatever is the cheapest would be great. I might only be able to pay shipping on a small set at a time because I dont have a job, and I'll have to get the money from my parents from chores and all that fun stuff. Thanks!



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