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I have around 600 issues of NGeo going back to 1912 and would like to sell will have complete listing of years and issues as of sunday

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Hello Mark,

So what is up that you need to sell tihs collection off "fast" ? I always hate to see anyone shed their NGS collections...

- Scott T. Shier,
My father moved to florida and his wife left him and left all these magazines taking up space in the down stairs of my A-frame. I have no need for them and he said to sell them for what I could get. Sorry no listings until wenesday.
I would be interested in the pre 1920 issues depending on cost and condition. Also if you have any map inserts that are pre 1945 (if you want to sell them separately). What issues do you have?
You may contact me at
I have the following National Geographic maps/inserts for sale.
9-26, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ga, E. Tenn, 16 x 19.
11-25, Arctic Regions, 18 x 20.
9-23, Peasant Home in Corsica, photo by Clifton Adams, 10 x 13.
5-26, Sir Walter Raleigh, 10 x 11.
9-28, Fate Directs Footsteps of Columbus, by Alfred Dehodencq, 10 x 13.
12-21, Islands of the Pacific, 19 x 25 (separated into two pieces).
5-31, Illinois, 12 x 19.
12-35, World, 22 x 43.
5-36, Aerial photo showing curvature of Earth, 16 x 23.
7-15, Europe, 30 x 30.
7-39, Atlantic Ocean, 30 x 30.
5-42, North America, 25 x 29.
9-45, NE US, 40 x 28.
2-26, Northern Hemisphere, 24 x 21.
4-46, India and Burma, 24 x 30.
7-46, US, 24 x 32.
6-47, Canada, Alaska, Greenland, 34 x 28.
2-47, SE US, 27 x 30.
2-48, Australia, 60 x 48.
6-48, North Central US, 27 x 27.
12-48, SW US, 36 x 38.
4-49, British Isles, 25 x 32.
6-49, Europe and Near East, 27 x 40.
10-49, Top of the World, 30 x 39.
12-49, The Mediterranean, 26 x 32.
I also have a May,1914, National Geographic magazine for sale.
Best regards, Ron
I have some pre 1945 supplements available if you can be more specific about your needs. Contact me at

I'll have the dates and issue #'s come sunday hopefully. I also have no way to price them and have no idea at what to ask.



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