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This is a Chronological list of parody covers of the National Geographic Magazine.  Scott Shier has an excellent discussion on this topic in the Ephemera & Collectibles group.  I felt that since these covers reflect an outside perception of the magazine I would provide a visual listing over time of these covers here to maybe provide some insight into how others see us.

Note, I am not only including actual covers and pages simulating covers in this listing but also posters, refrigerator magnets, trading cards and electronic images.

March 1936 - Pick & Hammer Club - Cover

May 1958 - Mad Magazine - Page

February 1962 - Sick Magazine - Article

January 1966 - National Press Club - Cover

1967 - Vol. 4, No. 1 Lithopinion - Multiple Pages

1968 - Richard Pryor - Album Cover

May 1972(?) - Rainier Beer - Poster

December 1972 - National Lampoon - Page

October 1974 - Jaws - Movie Prop(?)

1975 - Cracked Magazine - Back Cover

December 1975 - Playboy Magazine - Page

1976 - Dr.  Fegg's - Book Page

1980 - Topps Wacky Products - Trading Card

August 1981 - Miss Piggy Cover Girl Fantasy Calendar - Page

February 1982 - Darkroom Magazine - Page

May 1983 - National Lampoon - Page

April 1986 - What's On (Scotland) - Cover

October 1989 - House and Garden Magazine - Menu

1992 - Nude & Natural - Cover

1995 - Waterworld - Movie Props (5)

2004 - Safely on the Sun - Magnet

March 19, 2004 - Fruitfly Geographic - Cover

April 2008 - Harvard Lampoon - Cover

March 2009 - Vanity Fair - Partial Page

October 24, 2010 (?) - The Portland Mercury - Cover

March 2011 - Mediavengers - eCover

Spring 2012 - Metro Times Chronicle - Cover

December 2012 - Mediavengers - eCover

May 2013 - Mediavengers - eCover

June 2014 - Sarah Palin - Magnet

September 2015 - New York Times - Editorial Cartoon

September 2015 - HBO: Real Time - 8 eCovers 

February 2016 - HBO: Real Time - eCover

April 2016 - Michigan J. Frog - Magnet

2017 - Tadeo Jones 2 - Movie

Photo Courtesy of Juan Carlos Herrera del Castillo

2019 - eljueveves (Spanish)

Photo Courtesy of Juan Carlos Herrera del Castillo

2021(?) - Obvious Plant - Poster(?)

Image courtesy of Juan Carlos Herrera del Castillo

Tom Wilson

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Thanks Tom for adding these here in-group! Of course my fave is still always Snoopy & Beagle. 

Also, I think I recall you mentioning the Dr. Fegg's one, but for the moment, I feel like that's the first time I saw it, in detail.


Dr. Fegg is the creation of Terry Jones and Michael Palin, both from Monty Python fame.  Here is his portrait:


Note: I just added three more Nat Geo covers.  These are from Mediavengers.  They are based on the Marvel movies: Captain America, Avengers, and Thor.

Note: I have just added a cover for a parody merger between National Geographic and Cosmopolitan.  It appears in the March 2009 issue of Vanity Fair.

Note: I just added eight (albeit small) parody covers from the September 11, 2015 episode of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher".

Note: I just added an entry for the cover of Richard Pryor's first comedy album (1968).

Note: I just added a parody cover from the February 12, 2016 episode of the HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher".

Note: I just added an entry for the 1992 cover of vol. 11 no. 4 Nude & Natural Magazine.

Note: I just added two entries for the February 1982 Darkroom Photography and the October 1989 House & Garden magazines.

Note: I just added a parody cover from the 1981 "Miss Piggy Cover Girl Fantasy Calendar".

Note: I just added seven parody covers from non-standard sources, i.e. magnets, posters, trading cards, cartoons, and art.

1. 1967 -  Lithopinion - Art

2. 1972(?) - Rainier Beer - Poster

3. 1980 - Topps Wacky Products - Card

4. 2005 - Safely on the Sun - Magnet

5. 2014 - Sarah Palin - Magnet

6. 2015 - Rupert Murdock - Cartoon

7. 2016 - Michigan J, Frog - Magnet

Note: I just added a cover for the October 24, 2010 (?) parody from The Portland Mercury as shown in the NGS publication, The Covers.



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