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I am new to ng history. What is the background on yearly books, especially those with entire yearly subjects titles on the end binder? Were they published for a particular era?

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Greetings, Perry . . .

Welcome to the NGS site!

There is much to discuss concerning all the various books the Society has published. Even moreso regarding the overall "NG history" as you put it. I wouldn't know where to start talking about it first though, without asking you for some clarification as to which "yearly books" are you thinking of?

Do you have some of the NGS books yet or are you new to collecting?

I will look forward to hearing back from you.

~ Scott T. Shier
Hi Scott
From what I have discovered since my question about yearly NG books, is that combined issues making up a year of magazines was (or perhaps still is) bound and handsomely covered and offered as a yearbook, probably without ads, by some outfit other than NG. I'm not sure this is what I want for my collection, but I would be interested in hearing what you know about these or other combined mags if offered at all.

Hello Perry,
I think they are called bound editions, as opposed to the books on various subjects also published by the NGS. The NGS does (or did) sell bound editions of the mag, and I believe they provided the binding service, but I might be wrong. I have a fairly large number of them, of 8 different types, and I sure wish somebody could tell me more about these. Some are produced locally for an individual collector, some are not. The quality varies enormously. I prefer the ones that leave the cover in front of each individual magazine (and only eliminate the ads, even though these can be quite interesting also). Their presence would make the bound issues too bulky...They usually contain 6 monthly mags each, but I do have one type that only contains 4. I have a couple of older ones that contain a series of articles culled from the mags over a certain number of years on the same subject, for example "The Balkans"..
The older issues of the mag are obviously easier to find in real good condition when bound, rather than as individual magazines..and I suppose that if the bindings are deteriorated, they can always be rebound. The older ones are also much less costly to put together than good condition individual mags.
Hello Jean
I find it curious that NGS collectors are not familiar with the bound edition history. Some seem so knowledgable about NGS minutia. Maybe in reading this, someone will fill us in.

Do you have an idea of which years were bound by NGS? I would think that the issues that have the same embossed airplane on the front are probably the only ones, but I may be wrong. Why would anyone eliminate front covers of the mags? Sounds like a bad idea.

From your reply, I gather that somebody chose certain subjects to put in binders. I'm wondering if there is a bound edition listing that some collector may have created? Let's hope we can find out more than know.

Thanks for the reply,
Maybe the seeming lack of interest in this discussion is that bound issues don't really belong here. They are still magazines and not "Collectables and Ephemera".
I too would like to know the distinguishing characteristics of the NGS produced bound issues starting with the earliest ones. I do know that the reprints of 1964 also included a fairly large quantity of bound issues.
The basic reason covers might be eliminated is to facilitate the binding process but the better editions I have here include them without this causing any problems. Others have the 6 monthly covers regrouped at the back of the bound issue, which at least leaves you the basic list of articles included. If the cover is completely eliminated you most likely have no list of contents included!
The series of articles bound together (by the NGS) on a particular subject are just that, with no kind of indexing that I have seen. I have one here which is titled Austria, Hungary & Jugoslavia and which includes articles from 1929 to 1939. I have a list of these somewhere, yes somewhere...There aren't that many, and only include older issues I believe.
Hello Perry, and Jean -

Of course, this whole thread can be moved to another portion of this Corner...if that would suit anybody.

Just a quick entry for now, but here is a few comments:

1 - Jean just stated something I was going to comment on; I would think that most people would desire if not find useful ! to have the covers bound in with the volumes, because they functioned as a "Contents" page, with articles in order, with page #'s. Later on, the Magazine did away with very detailed cover contents/pages, and commenced the interior Contents page.

2 - There isn't a lack of interest in the Bound volumes, I have seen many people inquire about them (with general and specific questions)

3 - The "Airplane & Globe" bound covers are universally considered to be the nicest (mass produced) coverings offerred. They are manufactured by Albrecht Co., and often are designated the "ngm albrecht covers".

4 - Other than the the bound 1964 set of Reprints (1888-1907) released by the Society, no other bound sets were ever made by the N.G.S.

5 - all and any bound cover (styles) that you find are always from a book bindery. There were many more of these companies in existence in the earlier eras than there are now.

6 - there are TWO types of Bound NGM volumes:
a) the type where the magazine is literally cut apart and resown + compiled into the hard book covers; what were the spines are then glued to the gutter,

b) or, the magazines were inserted into the hard book covers like a binder book; clips or some such would hold the issue(s) intact.

7 - there were folks who would compile all the advertisements only, and have those also bound into a book [or only certain ads at that like all GM, all Coca-Cola, etc.] ; then some people chose to only have their certain favorite articles bound . . . or yet they would have bound any series of articles pertaining to some topic or theme {i.e., Oceans, Europe, etc.}.

Well, that's all for now!

- Scott T. Shier
Hi Scott
Thanks for the info on NGM Bound volumes. Do you know if the societys' reprints (1888-1907) had ads and covers? As far as the bound volumes that were produced privately, are they of decent quality and are they offered for sale anywhere. Perhaps the question is too general to be easily answered. I thank you again for what you have already enlightened me about.

Perry Bolkin

See if you can upload a few photos of the bound covers you have, so we can see them. Or, try to email them to me at:

the Society's Reprint set (1888-1907) did include all covers, and any advertisement and announcements, as originally published during those years. This set also included the map inserts reprinted as well, including the Wrangell Mountains photo panorama. They were put in pockets attached to the rear inside covers.

This wa a remarkable set indeed. It was also a first in the magazine publishing world. Not only were these reprints, but they were in fact, complete facsimiles of the original issues.

- Scott

I don't have any of the bound mags. I have been building my collection slowly, working backwards and getting all missing items (maps, recordings, artwork). I wanted to see what was in store for me, I have a valuable source,
Kipp from Arkansas, who has been very helpful.


I am glad you have s source of some sort. What does Kipp help you with, or shall I say how has he helped you thus far?

I don't want to re-hash anything he has told you, if you already know it.

There are a few good books on the NGS history, as well as a couple regarding collecting the Magazine itself.

Do you have a interest in the Reprint set 1888-1907 at all? If so, there are 2 people I know of who have a set and are looking to sell.

~ Scott

feel free to communicate with me for ANY questions about anything - I am happy to talk about things and help in any small way.
Hi Scott - I would be interested in the reprint set - though I prefer they not be bound.

Where did you find information regarding NGS actually binding them? As far as I know they were sold only as a per issue item. I actually have a few in their original mailers and had an ad from NGS regarding them (it came with the reprint) and there was no mention of a bound set being available. Just curious.

Debbie (Abbotsford, BC)



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