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Note: This discussion was first posted on the Maps & Supplements group.  It seems appropriate for this group as well.

I recently purchased the Article Reprint from the April 1949 issue of the National Geographic Magazine entitled "The British Way".  It includes an additional article "Our Search for British Paintings", the overview "The Society's New Map of the British Isles", and the map supplement itself.

And here is the map courtesy of Philip Riviere:

So, along with the original issue and the Map Index, there was a third vehicle for distributing this map.

Another interesting thing about this map is that it has made a television appearance.  On season 5, episode 11 of "The Big Bang Theory" entitled "The Speckerman Recurrence" which first aired December 8, 2011 the map appears on the wall of a bar during one scene.

I was interested if there were any other Article Reprints that included a map supplement.  I referenced Roger Nathan's collector's guide and besides noting the 1949 British map with the reprint, there is another article reprint with a supplement map mentioned on page 30.  This one is from the March 1972 issue, is entitled "North of the Tundra" and includes the article "A Look at Alaska's Tundra" and the two-sided supplement "Alaska's Ice Age Mammals/Canada Map".

While I noticed no other maps referenced as part of a article reprint, I did find one other supplement included with and article reprint.  This one, referenced on page 27, was from the August 1965 and entitled "Winston Churchill".  It includes the article "Be Ye Men of Valor" and the phonograph record "The Sounds of Living History".

Tom Wilson

Here is a comment from Jeff Persons to the original post:


I have included pictorials as well.  Here are a few more:

January, 1900 The Philippine Islands and their Environment by the Hon. John Barrett has a map of the Philippine Islands

May, 1913 The Monarch of the Canadian Rockies by Charles D, Walcott has a pictorial included

April, 1916 The Land of the Best by Gilbert Grosvenor includes a pictorial

November, 1916 The Larger North American Mammals has a pictorial of the Alaska Brown Bear

February, 1927 A Maryland Pilgrimage has a 1925 map of Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia

October, 1989 La Ruta Maya has a map supplement

That's all I have plus the ones you mentioned.


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I found another one with a map;

July, 1976, Landsat Looks At Hometown Earth with a map dated 7/76 of the United States


Thanks Jeff,

Appreciate the expertise.


Here is another one with a map:

Maps for Victory by Gilbert Grosvenor  in the May, 1942 issue..  Map is of North America dated the same .



To your knowledge, did the February 1973 Article Reprint, "Journey to Mars" have the insert map of Mars from the same issue?  My copy has two hints that it did.

First, the map is mentioned in the article, specifically the painting by Ludek Pesek on the back.

Second, the front cover has a crease along the staple line indicative of an insert.



There is indeed a map included with that reprint.  In each one that I have the map "The Red Planet Mars" with he same date is included with the reprint.


Thanks, Jeff.

I had a spare map, so I just slapped it in.



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