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Rare COMPLETE 1888-1907 LOOSE REPRINT Collection (near PERFECT) plus MANY extras from 1888-2000

Here is the collection summary:

1) 1888 - 1907 COMPLETE Loose Reprint Set (1964), including all maps (held in place in  slip cases for 40+ yrs/ never read).  All issues are as newly printed.  No issue has any creases or tears.  The collection is near perfect.

2) 1908 - 1921 BOUND (1/2 leather) - No covers but including all inserts

3) 1912 - 1916 BOUND (green cloth with gold lettering) - No covers but including all inserts

4) 1917 - 2000 all issues loose (of varying quality in years leading up to WW2)

5) ALL maps corresponding to 1917 - 2000 published issues

6) Index Books

7) December 1959 signed by 37th US President number Richard Nixon (Russia article written by Nixon in issue)

8) Additional NG book collection - many, many books, please inquire about inventory


Offer terms:

1) The 1888 - 1907 collection is offered as a SET ONLY and include slipcases (ships free insured)

2) 1908 - 1921 bound collection is offered as a set (ships from Seattle)

3) 1912 - 1916 bound collection is offered as a set (ships from Seattle)

4) 1917 - 2000 single issues: happy to portion off until April 1, 2018 (ships from Seattle)

5) MAPS - happy to portion off until April 1, 2018 (ships from Seattle)

6) offered individually

7) offered individually

8) please ask about titles

Here is a rare chance to add to or complete your collection; please feel free to ask questions, thank you.  Happy to provide additional pictures as requested. First come, first served.

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By any chance, do you still have the April 1899 issue from the 1964 reprint series?


Please email me a list of books you have including different editions and printings.  Also, do you have any index supplements available. and do you have the 2009 and 2002 index supplements with the blue cover.  Also, I need loose 1964 reprints November 1901and August 1906.  Do you have any article reprints?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Jeff Persons (


I would also appreciate a list of books you have including different editions and printings. Thank you.

-- Richard Kennedy (

Hi Richard

The entire collection, including the books, has been liquidated with the exception of the reprint set.

Apologies for not having what you are looking for...

As to your previous question as to the April 1899 reprint, yes I do have said issue but the reprints will [at some point in the future] be again offered for sale as a set; therefore I cannot offer single issues for sale.

IF you have a solution for wanting to borrow the April 1899 and somehow have it reprinted and returned to me in the condition lent, I am happy to discuss that solution [if it exists].

Thanks Richard


Hi Jeff

If the index supplements you are inquiring about are for the years other than the 1st twenty years, then no, I  have no supplements.  Equally, I no longer have the 2009 and 2002 index supplements you are looking for, with apologies....

I do have the 1964 Nov. 1901 and August 1906 reprints.  If you would please clarify your inquiry about article reprints [relative to those issues?] I may be able to help.



PS the 1964 loose reprint collection is 100% complete, including maps and any supplements, however it will only be offered for sale as that complete set, thanks

Thanks Dave I am looking for just 2 issues


Never received any emails about the single reprints from 1964.

Could you please email me at and advise as to cost and quantity.

Thank you



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