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We are looking to sell our National Geographic Magazine collection we have had for 40 years.  Kept in very good condition.  Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing.  1889-1899 Reprints some Bound, 1903-1988 Bound and Singles.  Pictures available upon request.


Also have Special Editions, Indexes, Bound Volumes, Maps, miscellaneous National Geographic Books 1939 to 1987, 1958 July Mad Magazines - The National Osographic Magazine, 1989 December Record Sounds of the Space Age, etc.

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What do you have from 1903 - 1915? Are they bound or singles? 


1903                Bound

1905                Bound July-Dec

1906                Bound and Single July

1907                Bound and Single Jan, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

1908                Bound and Singles J, F, M, A, M, J, Jy, A, Sep (Dup), 0, N (Dup), Dec

1909                Bound and J, F, M, May, Jun, Jy (Dup), A, S, 0, N

1910                Bound and Singles Jan, Nov (Dup)

1911                Bound and Singles Jan-Dec

1912                Bound

1913                Bound

1914                Bound

1915                Bound


1889 Vol. I No. 2 Reprint

1889 Vol. I No. 3 Reprint

1889 Vol. I No., 4 Reprint

1890 Vol, II No, 1 Reprint

1890 Vol. II No, 2 Reprint

1890 Vol. II No. 3 Reprint

1890 Vol. II No. 4 Reprint

1890 Vol. 11 No, 5 Reprint

1898 January Reprint

1898 March Reprint

1898 April Reprint

1898 May Reprint

1898 July Reprint

1898 August Reprint

1898 September Reprint

1898 October Reprint

1898 November Reprint

1898 December Reprint

1899 January Reprint

1899 February Reprint

1899 August Reprint

1899 October Reprint

1906 July

1907 January

1907 April

1907 May

1907 June

1907 July

1907 August

1907 September

1907 October

1907 November

1907 December

1908 January

1908 February

1908 March

1908 April

1908 May

1908 June

1908 July

1908 Augtust

1908 September

1908 September (Duplicate)

1908 October

1908 November

1908 November (Duplicate)

1908 December

1909 January

1909 February

1909 March

1909 May

1909 June

1909 July

1909 July (Duplicate)

1909 August

1909 September

1909 October

1909 November

1910 January

1910 November

1910 November (Duplicate)

1911 January

1911 February

1911 March

1911 April

1911 May

1911 June

1911 July

1911 August

1911 September

1911 October

1911 November

1911 December

1912 January

1912 February

1912 March

1912 April

1912 May

1912 June

1912 July

1912 August

1912 September

1912 October

1912 October (Duplicate)

1912 November

1912 November (Duplicate)

1912 November (Duplicate)

1912 December

1913 January

1913 February

1913 March

1913 April

1913 April (Duplicate)

1913 April (Duplicate)

1913 May

1913 June

1913 July

1913 August

1913 September

1913 September (Duplicate)

1913 October

1913 October (Duplicate)

1913 November

1913 November (Duplicate)

1913 December

1913 December (Duplicate)

1914 January

1914 January (Duplicate)

1914 January (Duplicate)

1914 January (Duplicate)

1914 February

1914 February (Duplicate)

1914 February (Duplicate)

1914 March

1914 March (Duplicate)

1914 April

1914 April (Duplicate)

1914 May

1914 May (Duplicate)

1914 May (Duplicate)

1914 May (Duplicate)

1914 June

1914 June (Duplicate)

1914 July

1914 July (Duplicate)

1914 July (Duplicate)

1914 August

1914 August (Duplicate)

1914 August (Duplicate)

1914 September

1914 October

1914 November

1914 November (Duplicate)

1914 December

1915 January

1915 January (Duplicate)

1915 February

1915 March

1915 April

1915 April (Duplicate)

1915 April (Duplicate)

1915 May

1915 May (Duplicate)

1915 May (Duplicate)

1915 May (Duplicate)

1915 June

1915 June (Duplicate)

1915 July

1915 August

1915 August (Duplicate)

1915 August (Duplicate)

1915 September

1915 September (Duplicate)

1915 October

1915 November

1915 December

I'd be interested in singles & reprints not bound issues.

Whats is your price range for some of these issues? 

We have been researching the values and will take offers from individuals over the next couple of months before making a decision.  We have them listed several places.

I'd be interested in some but not all of the issues that you are selling.

Are you only selling the set in one piece? 

It would be wonderful if we could keep it together, but only time will tell if someone wants the entire set of older ones.  We purchased it as a whole and saved the newer magazines ourselves.  Keep me posted on which items you are interested in and what you are willing to spend on them.  You can e-mail me personally at if you want to bid privately.

Thank You.


I am a collector from the UK.

Do you have bound reprints volume numbers 3 (1891/92),7 (1896)and 9 (1898).

Mick O'Dell

No, I don't.


Here's a Volume 3 Reprint for sale from a search on the "Abe Books" web site:

Once there, if you modify the search for the other two volumes you might also find them available.

Read the book dealer's information carefully, you may be able to search the dealer's inventory directly and, if lucky, the dealer may have all three volumes you're looking for.

Good Luck!



Thanks very much for this, very helpful.




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