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I have all the issues from 1946 thru 2006 in good to very good condition, which I'm looking to sell (or maybe just give away).  From many other posts here I gather the best bet to sell is by individual years on ebay.  Not sure what the options to give away are.  What's the community experience with using craigs list for this?

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How much are you selling them per year??

I haven't figured that out yet.  Ebay seems to be all over the place $10 to $50 and more per 12 issues.  This forum isn't much help.  Shipping cost is probably the killer.

Yes, I did read all that and it was very informative, although a tad optimistic I think.  Thank you.


Market saturation + poor economy + high cost of shipment (about $100 for every 10 years of magazines via UPS within the U.S.) = low interest (especially bulk sales) in most issues newer than about 1920 to 1925.

That "article" is based on the "high three" sales since 2008, i.e. that's a lot of sitting around waiting for sales. Some dealers with eBay stores can afford to wait months before making a sale. Private collectors trying to unload their collections often times do not have the inclination to play the waiting game or make the huge effort at salesmanship.

I can state that sales, except for the oldest issues in VG condition or better (older than 1907), have gotten a little stale recently and if anything you have is less than VG, as described in the article, you will most likely not get the average as stated.

You never know if that guy around the block is looking to expand or bulk up his collection. The trouble is, you have to find him and let him know your issues are for sell.

Best of luck!


Mel -

Thanks for your info.  What you're saying is about What I expected.   Re: shipping - I assume people know about USPS Media Mail aka Printed Matter - about $20 for 50 lb in the US.

Mike -

I'm in Downers Grove, a suburb about 10 miles west of Chicago.  I will give Craig's list a try.

RE: shipping USPS media mail

They will not ship "declared National Geographic Magazines" media mail 'because of the advertisements!'

It does not matter that the ads may be 100 years old and out of date. I know it sounds crazy, but that's what you get when you honestly "declare" NGM's.

The key word here is "declare." I'll leave it to your discretion to figure that one out.

Again, good luck!


I would have never guessed, but I checked the USPS web site and sure enough - you can't send mags or newspapers as media mail.  What a pain. 

Hi Buddy,

   Yes they are hard to sell, and can be hard to give away. I list over a thousand issues continously on ebay and sell about 8% a month. Craigs list works but your prices need to be reasonable. Where are you located? Have a great day!!! Mike O 



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