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A dear friend of mine died last year, leaving me his collection. I do not have the room to keep them.

There are 10 storage totes and a box of maps. He had them all up on shelves in his living room and was very proud of them. I just cannot keep them. I would love to sell them as one lot.

I live in southern Indiana and with that many the buyer would need to come get them.

I know there is about 100 years, the earliest I have seen is 1913, I noticed doubles of several isues too. Most are in very good shape, I know it's probably not good the way I have them stacked in totes so it's best to find them a new home.

Is there anyone that would be interested in these?

I didn't know whether I should go through them and write down each issue or not, but I think it is a pretty good collection. There are also a few hard back books with them, indexes I believe. Im sorry if I sound vague, I just don't know much about them.

Thanks for any help you can send me.

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Vacation trip! It's beautiful country down here.

I just checked MapQuest.  It would take 14 hours non-stop to get there.  Can't do it; my husband would disown me!  I'll post something on FaceBook; you never know!



Hi Becky,

  I am near Cedar Rapids, Iowa and asked about these before. I also have a sister near you. My finances are bad right now but can probably make arrangements, but I need to ask. What is the price you had in mind? I have collected the worlds best magazine for 26 years. Do you know how long your friend collected? Well it's past my bedtime so I will close. Have a great weekend, Mike O

Hi Mike,

I met him 40 years ago and he always had NG shelves, the shelves grew as the years went by. They were a big part of his life, they took up one whole wall in his living room. As for price, I really don't know anything about what they are worth. Would $500 be a fair price? I know they were priceless to Gary, but I just don't have the room to keep them and want to get them to someone who will enjoy and appreciate them....sounds like your the guy!


Mike, If thats too high, just let me know, we can work something out.  that was just a guesstimate :)

Hi Becky,

  I guess you did not get my last email. I said we were very close. I can pay $450 with the expenses of coming after them. The real value is up to the collector. I can go to a second hand store in Iowa City called The Crowded Closet where 1960 and up is .10 and everything before that is a dollar. I can buy issues on ebay from the twenties for $1 to $20 for the same issues in the same condition. Of course They pay about 30% to Ebay plus their time and internet expenses. I still need to borrow the money and put tires on my car to come. I know a man from Maryland who just gave away 6000 old issues in order to move. I know a man in Minnesota who had to pay $1000 to get rid of his collection. This is a collectable with extremes involved. I hope this helps but probably not. Take care, Mike O

Hi Mike,

$450 is fine with me. I understand your financial hardships, we too are in one . I wish I could afford to give them away, but just can't do it. I am so glad you are getting them, I know Gary would be pleased that they are going to someone who appreciates them! Just let me know your plans so we will be sure and be around when you get here. Thank you


Hi Becky,

   Sound good. Thank You very much, Mike O

Congrats to Mike!  You deserve them.

Hi Mike, Any idea how long it will be before you can pick up the NG? Haven't heard anything from you, hope all is going well. Looking forward to meeting you.


And there is 11 storage totes, not 10.

Hi Becky,

   I am sorry I have not gotten back sooner. We had some flooding this week and while it was better than expected. It realy messed with my house and life in general. I'm staying with my mom. I want to appologize but I will not be able to do anything with your Geos. for some time. I hope things are good with you. Take care, Mike O



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