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I am missing 3 magazines to have a complete collection from 1909 - 2013 (current month).


I don't need high quality - but I do need the covers and advertisements. 


I'm collecting them for my 7 year old daughter.  I think they will be great for her as she progresses through school.


I love reading the ads and see how rapidly things have changed in 100 years - from the wonderful Bell Telephone ads, typewriter, ink pens, etc.


Email me if you have, and want to sell:


January 1911

January 1912 and

April 1913.


I've been buying like a crazy person on ebay for the last 3 months.   If I would have known - I could have bought a complete collection - and saved a lot of money.  I saw a guy on ebay that was selling from 1920 - Current.  The bid price was $25.00 buy you had to drive to Denver to get them (which would have been a good deal (I'm in Oklahoma) if I hadn't already purchased most of the magazines. He never sold them - and after talking to him on the phone - I suspect he trashed them all. 

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P.S.  Email me


If condition is not important, you can purchase an "incomplete" issue, i.e. without covers and/or ads, and print these missing pages from the NGS software. They could then be placed in archival sleeves next to the magazine (so the ink does not bleed). Just a thought...


Thanks - I guess a meant 'collectors type edition'.  I do have all the editions in pdf format (I can't remember the site).  I at least want covers and ads - and a magazine that is probably fair - to good.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Be patient! These issues are available in the condition you're looking for.

Check out the "dealers directory" at the top left margin on this site's home page. Make contact with some of the dealers and set up a standing "want list" with those that will do so.

Set up a standing search with your account on eBay for the specific issues you'd like to obtain. In this way, whenever one becomes available you'll get an early notice about it.

None of the issues you are seeking are scarce in fair to good (-) condition, though a good conditioned April 1913 will be costly, i.e. a couple of hundred dollars most likely.

I do know that the eBay dealer "creativesold" has many issues he as yet to put on eBay. He just might have something you're looking for.

Again - good huntin' as the search is part of the fun!



Thanks - I now have everything from Jan 1910 to current, except April 1913.  I missed one I probably could have had for $135.00. 



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