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Happy to share one or many.  Price - shipping costs or if in Pennsylvania, cost of gas to bring it to you. Most have inserts.

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  Hello Karen,

I have today seen your notice offering 1930s and later issues of National Geographic.  I am a teacher librarian resident in Victoria, Australia and have been building my own back set for reference use for years - they are just wonderful for classes.

I would very much like to have all of the 1030s and 1940s issues that you have left, and I need to dig out my listing of 1950s issues, most of which I have already.

I am prepared to pay freight costs from your house to my door and will start making enquires tomorrow about what this is likely to cost and what formalities are involved - it is early Monday evening 26 October here so I will be able to start this tomorrow.  I think that reputable international freight forwarders will bring sufficiently strong boxes and pack them appropriately for shipping.  I estimate 250-260 issues, so will get going in the morning and let you know what I find out.  If you have already given them away, then that’s ok too - if so, I should have been a bit quicker.

Thanks Karen and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you and kind regards,

Peter O’Rourke

Mount Lonarch,Australia

Hi Peter.

So nice to hear from you.  The magazines are still available.  Let me do a count and I can let you know how many there are.  I would also be happy to check around my area to see what they would recommend.  I'm happy that they would be going to a Librarian and educator.   I know that UPS and Fed Ex may ship as might the postal service, but if you have something else in mind, I'm also fine with that.   Let me know about the 1950s.

Take good care.


Hello Karen,

Thank you for your message, for your your kind offer.  I will get back in contact, likely your time Thursday morning, with the details of the 1950s issues.  I am so thrilled to have the 1930s and 1940s issues - thank you!!  I don't want to saddle you with a chore, however I will be guided by you and what works conveniently for you.  If you want to explore UPS and Fed Ex from your end, it may be less expensive.  I am also happy once the extent of the number of issues involved is known for me to arrange for them to call on you, do the packing, and despatch for shipping, of course with me paying or prepaying  Fed Ex or UPS by card from my end.  I will do some advance estimation and make contact with the local offices in Melbourne and see what I come up with.  Thank you again, and I look forward to having some more concrete details later in the week.  Stay well out and away from nasty viruses. 

Kind regards and best wishes, 

Peter O'Rourke  Mount Lonarch, Australia 

Hi Peter,

I hope you are doing well.  You were right that the 30s and 40s is about 200 copies.  I'm still checking locally about shipping.

Take care.


Good morning Karen,

I would like to check if you still have any magazines left? I am in Colorado

thank you.


Hi Helena,

Peter has stopped responding so I'm not sure.  Are there magazines you would be interested in?



Hi Karen,

I have a list of magazines that I am looking for.

Will send you a friend request with my email address to continue privately, if OK with you.

thank you.


Hello Karen,

I have been able to open my email for the first time in nearly two weeks - there are black spots in this world, and I live in a valley that is a black spot, thus increasing frequently getting no service, or service that breaks up.  I have investigated freighting of 1930s and 1940s issues - not clear precisely from what I can find out, but quite doable.  I am happy to send cash through to get this rolling.  The only option that I have not been able to investigate is US Postal service.  However, this would mean asking you to pack and despatch on my behalf, and in quantities that would be acceptable to them.  Could I ask if you would investigate on my behalf please?  On the basis of what you come back with, I can send a cheque, or do a bank money transfer to cover these costs.  Please accept apologies for break in correspondence - some members of my family have resorted to mail service now because connections terrible.  With kind regards,  Peter O'Rourke

Hi Peter.

Sorry for the issues.  I do think it may be cost prohibitive to send the magazines to Australia.  I have looked at the Postal Service and some other online options and I think the weight of the magazines would make this difficult.

I have had interest shown by another party for some of the magazines also, and that person is in the United States.  I think for ease, I need to see what I'm able to share with her and then will get back to you on what remains and the possible expense.  I'm sorry I can not be more helpful.  It may be that I should have been more thoughtful about the ability to ship around the world.  As I think that it may be more difficult and costly than I would have ever considered.

Take good care. Thanks again.


Hello Karen,

I am very sorry about the delays in getting back to you concerning the NGs.  I so would like to have the 1930s and 40s issues.  However, the freight charges that I have got quotes on in the large ten days have been extortionate - corona virus I think , flight reductions - and US Posts charges have been unclear and seem to change.  Very reluctantly I must shelve this for now until cond8tions return to normal.  My apologies for any adverse impact created.

Kind regards and thank you.

Peter O’R



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