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Is there a market for old National Geographic Magazines?

My Grandfather recently passed away and left about 2000 National Geographic magazines dating back to 1914.  They are in fair condition.  Are they worth selling?  Is there a market for old NG Magazines?

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For ideas, please review the following eBay link for National Geographic Magazines with nearly 20,000 items listed for sale:

On the other hand, you might wish to consider something I posted a few months ago...

Good Luck!

Thanks Mel. Your posting from a few months ago is very helpfull. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I checked the link to eBay and discovered it showed only a blank eBay screen, so I did another search and came up with just under 19,000 items:

Try the link above for ideas.

Thank you very much. I see most have no bids. I think I will see if my kid's school library is interested in them as a donation. So many great articles and ads. I hope they will be appreciated if the school takes them. I might keep the really old ones from 1912-1920. What do you think?
Those issues older than 1920 would probably sell on eBay fairly easily, especially if they are in VG condition as desribed in my posting a few months ago. They would also be nice family heirlooms, especially considering they were handed down from your grandfather.

About 10 years ago, I went around to local (Maryland) high schools and middle schools. Two newly opened schools accepted donations of complete collections from 1950 through 1995. Both librarians gasped when they saw the number of book boxes I delievered (probably wishing they had not accepted them). A third school accepted only the 1980's to 1995 (about four book boxes). Though I haven't tried donations for the past five or six years, noone has wanted them since- not even auction houses or antique stores - already overfilled with them in both cases.

When you consider that all these issues are also available on CD-ROM and/or DVD, it makes it even harder to give away such a large volume of print material.

Good luck with whatever you decide - remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Great points. They do take up a lot of space. I let you know what the librarian says at the local elementary school here in San Diego.

Hi Dan,

I would be interested in discussing 1914 to 1945. I live in Victoria B.C. Do you still have the collection? Are there maps? - no cut outs and covers on the older issues? could you supply photos of the condition?
I'm interested in some of your magazines as I have a project to complete. If you are willing to see certain ones, pls let me know and we can chat. I just spent most of yesterday trying to find the best deal on certain older NG on Ebay and Amazon so there is a market but it takes time to list and cell them. Maybe Craig's list is another easier way to go.




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