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Bob Finch's, Don Smith's red catolgues, and other trade publications from before the Internet

Of course I have a full collection of all of Prof. Buxbaum's price lists and what not from the widow's remnants JC and I bought out in 1998. I also have what I believe is a pretty full set of Don Smith's red-covered catalogues unless they pre-date 1979 which is the first I have, or I somehow dropped off his mailing list after 2000 and he prepared more I did not recieve. I think my smattering of Bob Finch's price lists is less complete. I have mentioned these previously in private emails or other postings as a research tool because they offer details of a wide net over Geographic collections from California through Kentucky to Delaware and the entire East Coast.

I raise them here separately as a Resources Discussion because a comics trade officiando has recently posted the following:

As a case in point, I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon working on my own collection of 1970's fanzines. While bagging and boarding, I came across my personal copy of ROCKET'S BLAST COMICOLLECTOR #69, which was one of the first (if not the very first...) fanzines that I ever received. I can still remember with great vividness the visceral excitement that I experienced from reading that one magazine in the winter of 1969/1970, as it opened an entire world of comics collecting to me of which I had previously been unaware. To this day, some of the ads in that issue of RBCC absolutely thrill me. I particularly liked the one I reread last evening, in which a dealer from California (in 1969) offered SPIDER-MAN (1963) #1-#70, plus AMAZING FANTASY #15, for $120! The SPIDER-MAN #1 was reputed to be in NM condition...

While we certainly cannot offer you comics at the same prices you could have paid via RBCC in 1969, our current SWEETHEART codeword sale does drop the prices on all of our back issues for you to 75%-94% off, and all of our prices on trade paperbacks to 44-68% off. Even our hardbacks are on sale for you, with the 20% off SWEETHEART codeword discount coming in addition to the discounts already listed on our website. Just plug the SWEETHEART codeword into the "discount code" line provided on our order form, and all back issue comics, magazines, trade paperbacks, and hardbacks listed on our website will be yours at 20% less than even the extreme bargain prices already listed on our website. Only new comics, and Dallas Stephens consignment issues are excluded from the sale (also codeword does not apply to supplies or statues). All eight million other items that we offer are on sale for you! Please do bear in mind, however, that the SWEETHEART codeword sale ends at noon on Wednesday, so please get your orders in to us right away. As an aside, with inflation almost certain to return with the huge economic stimulus packages currently being implemented by governments around the world, in just a few years time today's comics prices may look as ridiculously low as those that I see advertised in fanzines that were published 1969. Just a thought...

Well, that's it for today. I actually want to bag and board another stack of my fanzines before I head for work in Denver this morning, so I need to stop typing now. Please do have a great day, and try to have a little fun. You deserve it!

Happy Collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.

Again, John Carey will dispute the relation of the vastly greater comics trade to the more limited world of Geographics, but as a registerecd ephemera dealer I will tell you that certain of the "catalogues" of past collectible are now highly collectible in their own right, and occasionally bring a price as high as some of the subject inventoried therein. If anyone were to have extras of any of the Geographics catalogues or price lists of any of the captioned dealers of days gone by, I'd be interested to see what (assuming anything, John) they would bring on eBay or other electronic auction.

While I have mimeograph or xerox duplicates of Prof. Buxbaum's various (including mint copies of the 1935 Collectors Guide) I do not have any duplicates of the other old-time dealers' price lists or catalogues. Contact me if you want any of Prof. Buxbaum's stuff
And a Mile High's President signs off
Happy collecting
Paul Crist

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