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Full collection of nat geo mags into the 1990s from 1888 bound in red leather.  For sale - $150,000. Excellent Condition. Best collection available. Serious inquiries only. I will post pics soon.

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are 1888 to 1905 originals or reprints? would yo sell individual volumes?

Can't sell individual volumes. They are beautifully bound in red leather. It was my father's collection and I believe they are all originals. But buyer would have to make that determination for sure.

If  you ever sell individual bound volumes of the years 1900 to 1905 I will be interested my email is and any collector would need to know if they are originals or reprints before they buy, the price would be very different you can get for a certified first magazine (Vol. I N.1)more than 5000usd  for sure, I paid 20usd for my reprint on ebay.  I saw yesterday  a June 1903 original sell for 200, and I paid a month ago 450 for a collection of reprints from 1888 to 1899(bound in 8 volumes) So I think is important you verify if the first 15-20 years you have are original that would make the difference in what collectors are willing to pay.

have a nice day

You are correct Rafael in every regard.

The most immaculate "complete" collection of individual loose magazines from October 1888 through 1995 might be worth considering at $150,000.00.

Original versus reprint is the first order of business in trying to market this collection. As the first 20 years are the only "official" reprints we are considering, the difference in a complete set of reprints versus a complete set of originals could be (dependent upon the next two criteria) between $60 to $80 thousand.

Again - we're talking "individual loose" magazines. Bound magazines are an entirely different animal of a lower status to collectors.

Also, the first 20 years represent approximately 75% give or take 10% of the value of a complete collection (this one is short about 20 years) whether the collection is loose or bound.

The second and third order of business (your choice in which comes first as it will eventually be the buyer who determines this) is completeness, i.e. is the supplement and/or ephemera included, and condition.

Pictures do tell a thousand words and would be well worth your time in the marketing process.

Good luck with your sale!



     I agree with Mel that you have to determine if you have reprints. We need to see pics of the monthly covers that were bound into the yearly or biannual books. I am talking about just the years 1888 to 1907. After 1907 all issues are originals. Close-up pics of maps from 1888-1907 will also show us if you have reprints. Also $150K is steep for bound volumes.. Your value issues are only around the years 1888 -1910.Individual monthly issues are much more valuable than bound issues. Leather  binding is common in bound Nat Geo issues.  I hope this helps you out..





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