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I recently stumbled across the XYZ website but noticed there hasn't been any activity on it for a couple years. Does anybody have any information about this site? Seems to have a lot of good price information but is that info still relevant and at least relatively accurate? I'm asking in relation to NG magazines and maps/supplements of course, not Playboy or Vanity Fair.

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XYZ is a website run by Mike Christie, a member here at the 'Corner.  He stopped updating it and removed many other magazine collections several years ago due to cost.  I used it to document my magazine, map, and index collections and still use it for my map index collection. The pricing info hasn't changed much in two years.

I don't know if Mike is active here on the 'Corner anymore or if he plans to resume updating XYZ.  You can try asking him.

Tom Wilson

I'm sorry to hear that, I have not spoken with Mike in quite a while. I know cost was a concern. I had had hopes and intentions of contributing & supporting XYZ, but, things didn't work out on my end...with things. 

He was going to (at the time) let me create and post an archive of American Heritage magazine there. 

Bummer, but I am grateful for the info. update Tom.

I used to supply him with high res pics for nat  geo covers and supplements...I will try contacting him on updating all things geographic..


To whom it may concern:

I recently acquire a new (for me) Map Index and went to the XYZ Collectibles site to update my collection.  The site no longer exists.  All I got was a 404 Error - Page Does Not Exist.

I was never aware of this site. The wayback machine seems to indicate the site was last online sometime in 2018:

Not sure how much you would be able to see in this archived form, shame as it looked promising from what I can see.

The last Map Index I acquired prior to the most recent one was on June 18, 2018.  I was on the XYZ site then.

The archive only has the home page and a "best of" page, and even that is missing images.  All links from these pages go to a "not archived" page.



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