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anyone as an idea of a the value of the complete original collection from 1888 to now.

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As part of a buyout, I and another collector valued a set from beginning to 1970 with 1922 rreprints of volume I ## 2 & $ and some ephemera bound in, all in uniform and nearly pristine Albrecht airplane-and-globe covers at $5000. I sold a set of 1906-1976 in same Albrecht airplane-and-globe with supplements from 1932 forward for $2000.

An all original single issue set with covers would be more, with one such going in the late 1970s for a reputed $25,000, but it contained originals of ## 2 & 4 which by themselves might be $2,000-$10,000

Conversely, I had a set ex libris with 1964 reprints and originals bound from 1897 forward, uniform in an attractive though non-descript buckram, that went for $1750 in 1980 or 1981, though today the bound 1964 reprints would be worth more than that alone.

I hope this proves informative, though most of my transactions are a decade or two old.
Hey Sergio, I still willing to buy thoses single issues that you described on EBAY to me.
John Mahoney
sorry john but i have just sold to an american collector ( or my be a dealer) all the items from from 1888 to 1909 . the reason is because he want to buy them all and for me was much easier to sell the all toghether insted one by one. He offer to me a very interesting price .
sergio borroni
I sold a complete matching set 1888-1909 last year. All matching original bound magazines with all inserts intact. I hope you got at least $60.000.00! Mine were bound. If your's are single issues should fetch more.
If one were to purchase the complete set of original 1888-1907 magazines with supplements from a dealer today, I estimate that you would be looking at a purchase price of somewhere between USD $60,000 to $150,000, depending on condition. An 'average' quality set, in VG to VG+ condition, would probably sell for somewhere about half-way between these values, i.e. $105,000. This current price is consistent with Paul's advice that a set sold in the late 1970's for $25,000 as this implies an average annual compounding capital growth of the set of magazines over the past 30 years of approximately 5% per annum, which is about right for collectibles of this type. It's probably worth noting that a set of single magazines covering 1908-present day might be purchased for somewhere between $2,000 to $6,000, depending on condition.

If you were buying single issues one at a time, such as on eBay, your total outlay may be considerably less than these ranges, but it would take a very very long time to make up a complete set, if ever, since the really rare items are usually sold through dealers.

Similarly, if you were buying a bound set 1888-1907 (with magazine covers and ads removed), you might expect to pay somewhere between $20,000 to $50,000, depending on condition. Buying each volume one at a time on eBay, you might be lucky to pay less than this, but again, it would take a very long time.

If anyone out there has any original single issues from Volume 2 (1890/1891), I'd be interested in buying them - contact me at
thanks for the replay.. but i am a luky guy . i HAVE a complete collection all original including maps from 1888 to now. i was just interested to know aproximately the value. it cost about 25 years to complete.:-))
Hi all, just to let you know, a complete set of bound magazines from 1888 to 1911 sold today on eBay as individual items for a total of USD $41,968, all in Very Good + condition, with individual magazine covers bound into the volumes.Without the magazine covers, they would have sold for somewhat less that this, perhaps $30,000.I expect that a dealer with some patience could have sold them for a much higher price, especially if the later years in the same binding were also available. The four critical issues in the sale of this collection were 1) The very good condition, 2) The quality of the leather/leatherette binding from The Book Bindery in San Antonio in Texas, 3) The fact that the covers were included - mostly only relevant to the 'red-bricks' or volumes 1 to 6 and 4) The lingering suppressed market in the US for such purchases resulting from the global financial crisis.

Dear Dale

I saw your emails with Sergio here

I want to inform you that I am a French citizen.

I have the complete NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE issues from 1929 to 1992 (63 years=756 issues). Not a single issue is missing.
The issues 1929-1962 are leather binded per 6 month issues (2 bindings every year).
The issues 1963-1992 are your usual presentation (yellow frame on the cover)
I am willing to sell this unique collection which is in perfect condition.
If interested, please give me a rough lower estimation.
If you wish to communicate, please let's do by email (my email: 
Awaiting your comments.
Alexis Strang
wow!!!! There went my dream of a complete collection. I just got priced right out of my pay scale. :(
Guess I will have to settle with what I find and maybe the collection on discs.
my collection is unbound from 1910 to now and bound with no cover from 1888 to 1899 but with all maps and in perfect condition. i see that maps and supplements are rare to find expecially the oldest one.he takes me over 20 yaers to complete.

Is your collection for sale?  Where are you located?  I'm in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.


My e-mail is:





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