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I have been compiling a comprehensive list of the Special Publication series books issued by the National Geographic Society from 1966-2009. This list will be expanded in the future with cover pictures and Special Publications foreign titles.

Your comments on the list at will be welcome. Thank you.

-- Richard Kennedy

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Absolutely amazing!


Are you interested in denoting (where applicable), which titles reflect what were basically re-issues? By this I mean the roughly 2003-2009 time-frame this was the "Special Collection" era of these books?

*By that time, they were being distributed in the retail environment, and promotions and mailing on this series was methodically being wound down. The entire series ended in 2009, as you know. And I just had a thought: have you evaluated whether the sunset "Forever Pubs" subscribers were receiving their copies w/ ISBN-free dust jackets, or did were they manufacturing all DJ copies strictly as retail print editions...? 

As per what I am referring to as "re-issues" are the titles which were previously published in larger format, roughly between the late 90's-early, mid 2000's. Examples would be "How It's Made" , "The Art of National Geographic" , and "Fly Now!" as a few examples off the top of my head. 

I had a running list similar to yours (though not as detailed w/ respect to the ISBN's, and foreign ed. info.), but alas those document files were lost just as I was about done and ready to post here. A bit discouraging to say the least.

   ~ Scott 


That's an excellent idea. I'll add it to my "to do" list.

I've been working in Information technology for decades so I understand your pain about the lost files.

-- Richard


...I do have some rough preliminary info. on those re-issue/reprint items, if you want me  to forward what I had (tried) compiling so far. 


Yes, I would appreciate receiving your current lists. Thank you.

-- Richard


I should have most of what you need.  I have a complete set of bookplates, advertising materials that came with the books along with any letters, brochures and envelopes.  Also, the pricing at issue for the books as well as well as the NGS stock number for each book (I have all the publication catalogues from the beginning that should have the stock numbers as well as the cards that came with the books).  I also probably have the ISBN numbers if they are with each book, but I don't know about the number published.

I would like to add some books for you list:

America's Majestic Canyons 1986 First ed./2nd printing.

Into the Wilderness; this was the 50th book published and the SP staff created one in full leather with gold embossing of their name just for the in house people.  I don't now how many were published as I have never seen another one come up.  I received one from one of the staff personally who stated that this is "very, very rare.".

Attached is a letter announcing the start of the SP books for you records.  It is not dated, but was sent out in 1965.

I have not had a chance to peruse your fine work thoroughly and am wondering what you actually need; a photo or just a listing of the bookplates, letters, advertising brochures as well as the premiums that were sent out.




To be as complete as possible, I am looking for both photos (or scans if at all possible) and a listing of the bookplates, letters, advertising brochures as well as the premiums that were sent out.

-- Richard

Awesome.  The attached spreadsheet is how I track my Nat Geo regular editions.




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