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As I mentioned in my other posting, I have inherited 80+ years of NG magazines and maps.  I am slowly getting through the maps and am trying to list them as I go.  Please let me know if you are interested in any (you pay for shipping).  All maps are in fair condition, but I'm assuming have not been opened in quite some time.  I'll do my best organize them by continent/region and list the title on the map (with date), but I'm not any sort of professional at this (so forgive my errors).


Japan and the Adjacent Regions (1944); Asia and Adjacent Areas (1951); The Far East (1952); Southwest Asia (1952); China Coast and Korea (1953); Southeast Asia (1955); Asia (1959); Western Soviet Union (1959); Japan and Korea (1960); Southwest Asia (1963); Vietnam (1965); Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand (1967); People of Mainland Southeast Asia (1971);  Peoples of the Soviet Union (1976); The Caspian Region (1999);


Europe and the Near East (1929); Europe and the Mediterranean (1938); Central Europe and the Mediterranean (1939);  Europe and the Near East (1940); The British Isles (1949); Classical Lands of the Mediterranean (1949); Europe and the Near East (1949); Central Europe (1951); Northern Europe (1954);  Europe (1957); Greece and the Aegean (1958); British Isles (1958); Poland and Czechoslovakia (1958); France, Belgium and the Netherlands (1960);  Scandinavia (1963); Spain and Portugal (1965);Traveler's Map of France (1971);  Celtic Europe (1977); Historical Italy (1995); Europe (2005);


Africa-2 copies (1950);Northern Africa (1954); Southern Africa (1962); Africa Countries of the Nile (1963); Africa (2005);

Australia & Antarctica:

Australia (1948); Antarctica (1963);

South America:

South America (1937); South America (1950); Eastern South America (1955); Southern South America-2 copies (1958); South America-2 copies (1960); Eastern South America (1962); Northwestern South America-2 copies (1964);

North America:

The United States (1933); Mexico, Central America & the West Indies-2 copies (1939); The United States (1940); United States of America (1946); Southeastern U.S. (1947); Countries of the Caribbean (1947); Pocket Map of Central Washington (1948); North Central US (1948); Southwestern US (1948); Northwestern United States (1950); The United States of America (1951);  North America-2 copies (1952); Mexico and Central America-2 copies (1953); The Great Lakes Region of the US and Canada-2 copies (1953); Historical Map of the U.S.-2 copies (1953); West Indies (1954); California-2 copies (1954); New England (1955); Round About the Nation's Capital (1956); The United States (1956); National Parks Monuments and Shrines of the US and Canada (1958); North Central U.S.-2 copies (1958); Southeastern US-2 copies (1958); Northeastern US-2 copies (1959); Southwestern US-2 copies (1959); State of Alaska (1959); State of Alaska (1959); Northwestern U.S.-2 copies (1960); Hawaii (1960); South Central U.S. (1961); Battle Fields of the Civil War (1961); Washington to Boston-2 copies (1962); Central Canada (1963); North America (1964); Map of Vacation Land of the US and Southern Canada (1966); Northern & Southern California (1966); The United States (1968);  Archeological Map of Middle America (1968); West Indies (1970); Florida with Puerto Rico (1973);  North Central States (1974);Portrait U.S.A. (1976); The Mid-Atlantic States (1976); Hawaii (1976); Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky (1977); Wild and Scenic Rivers (1977); The Southwest (1977); Colonization and Trade in the New World (1977);  The Northeast (1978);  British Columbia, Alberta & Yukon-2 copies (1978); Ontario Canada (1978); Mexico & Central Mexico (2007)

Middle East:

Bible Lands (1938); Bible Lands (1946); Bible Lands of Today (1956); Lands of the Eastern Mediterranean (1959);  Holy Land Today (1963); Bible Lands Today (1967); A Cultural Map of the Middle East (1972); Middle East (1978); Iran (2008)


Atlantic Ocean (1939); Theater of War in the Pacific (1942); Northern Hemisphere (1946); Top of the World- 2 copies (1949); Pacific Ocean-2 copies (1952); The World Map (1952); Atlantic Ocean (1955); The World-2 copies (1957); The Heavens (1957); Antarctica (1957);  Earth's Moon (1969); The World (1960); Pacific Ocean (1962); Shakespeare's Britain (1964);  Top of the World (1965); The World (1965); The World (1970); The Heavens (1970);  Whales of the World (1976); The World (1990);

I think that's it, but if I find more, I'll list them.

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