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With a collection containing National Geographic Magazines, Indexes, Pictorials, Maps, Map Indexes, (a few) Article Reprints, Parodies, and non-Society references to the NGM; I have acquired a few items that, while I have no interest in getting more, I still cannot part with because of their association with the magazine.

The first item is a "School Bulletin" from April 18, 1966.  It measures 9" high and 5 7/8" wide.  The 16-page booklet contains a series of photos and short articles on New York City.  While I wasn't looking for this item, (it was advertised on eBay as an Article Reprint), it is well worth keeping.

The second item is a "Specimen in Minurature" from 1920.  It measures 6 3/4" high and 4 7/8" wide.  Its 32 pages mostly contain full-page colorized photos and drawing from previous issues of NGM.  This item and others like it were use to drum up membership in the Society.

The back of this promo booklet contains one of those full-page colorized photos.  It is a reprint of a black and white photograph from page 11 in the January 1914 issue of NGM entitled "Will He Come?".

The third item in my "One and Done" collection is the Index to the 1976 National Geographic Political Globe.  While I do actively collect Map Indices, I am not looking to acquire any more Globe Indices.

The fourth item in this list is a more unique item, so I don't think I could every add a second item to it's category.  It is the 1957 booklet "The National Geographic Society and its Magazine, a History by Gilbert Grosvenor".  While I may acquire other books about the Society and/or its Magazine, no other will be a "faux issue".

My next "One and Done" is a National Geographic Traveler for June/July 2015 which was going to be thrown away by my daughter's in-laws.  Even though it is not in the best of shape, I just couldn't see it get tossed.

My next item in this "collection" is an Atlas.  This one is the 1960 National Geographic Atlas of The Fifty United States.  Note: Photo is courtesy of Abramo Russo.

The next item in this "collection" is a rather unique item, therefore, I do not expect to acquire any more of its ilk.  It is a template for a cover to an article reprint.  This cover variant was used mainly in the early to mid sixties.  It is actually on an over-sized sheet (larger than the front & back covers) designed for trimming to the correct size.  Notice it is blank where the title and date would go.

The next entry to this eclectic list is the "National Geographic's Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways".  It is a 352-page paperback with numerous photos and maps and covers tour and travel routes throughout the entire United States.

The next item in this "collection" is the folio of sixteen "Native American Portraits". copyrighted 2012.

My next entry to this "collection" is the ultimate addition due to the fact that it is the first, AND LAST, issue of the Nat Geo Science Magazine (Dec. 2017- Jan. 2018).

I expect to make more entries to this list in the future.

Tom Wilson

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Note: I just added two more items to this list.

Note: I just added one more item to this list.

Note: I just added one more item to this list.

Note: I just added an entry to this list for an Article Reprint Template.

Note: I just added an entry to this list for the "National Geographic's Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways".

Note: I just added an entry to this list for the set of 16 "Native American Portraits".

Note: I just added an entry for the Premiere Issue of Nat Geo Science Magazine.  (It was also the last issue.)



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