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Need a year? Look here! 1912-1986 (1038 total, boxed, inventoried, good to excellent)

Please make an offer (the wife wants them gone even if it means recycling them)!

  • Buy 1 year or 10 - they've gotta go!

  • For local pick up in Putney, VT; or, you pay shipping and/or transport charges.  For reference:  12 magazines shipped cross-country via USPS Media Mail costs approximately $8.00.

  • Total of 1038 National Geographic magazines recently boxed in 36 boxes.

  • Oldest is May 1912 with cover intact but loose from binding.

  • Newest issue is December 1986.

  • 52 complete year sets in 21 boxes.

  • Most issues from 1971-1986 were from one subscription; are in original mailing sleeve with maps inside.

  • Many pre-1971 have maps inside the issue (but certainly not all).

  • Extra maps are in Box #8.

  • The complete year sets shown at the beginning are grouped by box.  In other words, there is a box with the 1958, 59, and 60 inside.

See Inventory:  (Please note that 1921 is no longer available)

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Would you be willing to sell me the issues from 1912 through December of 1934 ?

Yes. Will you pick up? Or, will you want to pay for shipping via USPS Media Mail?

I believe that I read on the site that you recently sold one of the years in the collection to someone.  So your span of 1912 through December of 1934 is missing one whole year now.  Is that correct ?

Yes as noted in the album description and comments above, 1921 has been sold.

That's a real shame that you would break up a nice, long continuous collection like that for just one year.  I am interested in complete collections.  Not ones where a single year has been sold off.  Too bad.  Thanks but no thanks.

It was never a "complete" collection.  Available from 1912-1934:

Individual Issues:

1912 1 May
1913 2, Nov Dec
1914 10 Jan-Jun, Aug-Nov
1915 7 Jan, Mar, May-Aug, Dec
1916 10 Feb-Nov
1919 11 Jan-Nov
1920 1 Oct

1928 15 May, Jun, Jul 2, Aug 2, Sep 2, Oct 3, Nov 2, Dec 2
1928 3 Jan, Mar, Apr

1929 11 Jan-Apr, Jun-Dec
1930 14 Jan 2, Feb, Mar 2, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec 2
1931 3 Jan 2, Feb
1931 13 Mar, May, Jul 2, Aug 2, Sep 2, Oct 2, Nov 2, Dec
1932 8 Jan 2, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Nov
1933 5 Jan, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov

1934 11, Jan-Nov
1934 5 Jan, Apr, Aug, Oct, Nov

Complete year sets:

1917 (11)

Oh, I see.  thank you for clearing that up Tracey.  Now I can see why you are "parting out" your collection.  Good luck to you.  If you hear of anyone with a complete collection prior to Dec of 1934, please send them my way.   Thanks again.

Tracey,  on second thought, I may be interested in purchasing your complete sets as you show above from 1917 through 1933 (missing 1919, 1921, 1928-1931).   Please e-mail me at or call me at 951-600-2845.   Thanks,  Mike

Hi Tracey, 

I am looking to purchase the April 1916 issue specifically. I see it is not a complete year, so I was wondering if you would sell one issue. If not, I would be willing to negotiate a price for the entire year.

I am located near Toronto, Canada and will pay all additional shipping costs as necessary

Please let me know if you still have this available! Thank you!


Hi Melissa, 

Please email me at and we can discuss the 1916.




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