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Hardbound National Geographic Articles/Compilations

Back around a century ago it was quite common to bind magazines into books.  In the case of National Geographic this was usually done by volume, quite often with covers and advertising removed.  Sometimes, however, a certain article or a particular topic would pique a person's interest enough that they would bind an individual article or a compilation of several articles on a particular subject.  These items don't fit into the usual classes of collectables.  They are not article reprints but original articles removed from the magazines, unfortunately destroying the issues in question.  I possess two of these hardbound books: the first is a compilation of articles about American Indians, and the second is an individual article about my home State of Maryland.  (Thanks Scott !!!)  I have included scans of each showing their front covers and spines.


A little background is in order.  My wife has an avid interest in Native American culture.  She has a collection of knick-knacks, artwork, and a library of books dedicated to the subject.  In this collection, she has the National Geographic Society book,  The World of the American Indian 3rd Edition (1989).  Also she has the National Geographic set of "Native American Portraits - Sixteen Frameable Prints" (2012).  When I saw this book advertised on eBay, I had to get it for her. It is simply titled "Indians" on the binding.  Here is the breakdown of articles in order of their position in the book:

1. Jul. 1916: "The Luster of Ancient Mexico" by William H. Prescott

2. Aug. 1923: "Ruins of Cuicuilco May Revolutionize Our History of Ancient America" by Byron Cummings

3. Jun. 1914: "The Home of a Forgotten Race" by Edward H. Thompson

4. Mar. 1913: "Mysterious Temples of the Jungle" by W. F. Sands

5. Mar. 1913: "Excavations at Quirigua, Guatemala" by Sylvanus Griswold Morley

6. Feb. 1922: "The Foremost Intellectual Achievement of Ancient America" by Sylvanus Griswold Morley

7. Apr. 1912: "Explorations in Peru" no byline, editorial

8. Apr. 1913 "In the Wonderland of Peru" by Hiram Bingham

9. Feb. 1915: "The Story of Machu Picchu" by Hiram Bingham

10. May 1916: "Staircase Farms of the Ancients" by O. F. Cook

11. Feb. 1911: "The Snake Dance" by Marion L Oliver

12. Apr. 1916: "The Land of the Best" (excerpt) by Gilbert H. Grosvenor

13. Jan. 1915: "From the Warpath to the Plow" by Franklin K. Lane

14. Jul. 1923: "Pueblo Bonito, the Ancient" by Neil M. Judd

15. Mar. 1922: "The Pueblo Bonito Expedition of the National Geographic Society" by Neil M. Judd

16. Jun. 1921: "A New National Geographic Society Expedition" no byline, editorial

17. Jun. 1921: "Scenes from the Southwest" no byline, photographs


My second book in this collection is of an individual article. It came with a map of Maryland from the same issue as the article.  It is entitled simply "Maryland" on the front cover.  This item was gifted to me and I have enjoyed reading it.  The lone article is as follows:

1. Feb. 1927: "A Maryland Pilgrimage" by Gilbert H. Grosvenor

Tom Wilson

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Well done Tom - thank you for sharing!




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