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For Sale: 1908-1965 (not entirely complete - please see discussion)

*Please see photos below

I would love to get feedback on what these are worth:

Loose Collection - 1908-1913
Collection is slightly broken - These are single, non-bound issues from 1908-1913. Covers dry, some have fallen off, pencil marking on fronts and bindings. The pages inside are in decent shape. Details below:

1908 - Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Aug,Oct,Nov,Dec
1909 - Jan-Dec (complete, July has no cover)
1910 - Feb, Mar, June, July, Sept (no cover), Oct (no cover), Nov, Dec
1911 - Jan-Dec (missing March - Also, no covers June or July)
1912 - Jan-Dec (complete - decent shape)
1913 - Jan-Dec (complete - decent shape, a couple of the covers are detached)

Bound Collection 1914-1940:
Some have the embossed covers with gilt airplane, others are plain. All are brown.

Loose Collection 1941-1965:
In wooden boxes by year - most are in good condition, a few are missing covers

If you would like to see more details, you may contact me directly at

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In order to receive any serious offers, it would be useful to know if the collection consists of single issues or bound issues or a mixture of both.
Then some idea of the condition of the older issues at least, from 1909 to 1919, then from 1920 to 1939.
Photos would be a big help.
Fair enough - I will get on this...I'll try to post more info soon. ( :
what state is this collection in?
Which part of the collection do you mean? Here's the quick answer - will post photos soon...

1908-1913 - see above for more detail, but 1908-1909 is not in great shape. The covers are dry, falling off. 1910-13 is better, but similar. Some covers are missing. I'll try and post pics in the next 24 hours.
1914-40 is in good shape. The covers are all intact, only some use dimples on the very top lips of the center bindings.
The rest is also in good shape.

Like I said, I'll try and post pics soon! Do you have an interest in any part of the collection...or all of it?
Have you established prices for the 1908 through 1913 NG magazines? Do you have some of the maps/supplements that go with those issues?
No, I'm afraid I have not established prices. I do have a whole collection of maps that accompany them in envelopes. Feel free to make me an offer. ( : I just posted a couple of pics up top, but I could send you more details if you'd like to contact me directly.
Ron, I've gone through and documented my maps from 1915-1939. I don't have maps/supplements pre-1915. Hope this helps.

Maps 1915-1940 (I am grouping them by the envelopes they are in):

Pre 1920:
1915 - Map of Europe - Some of the creases have torn slightly, but otherwise in good shape. $24
1914 - Alaska - One hole near top where it appears it stuck to another page (1/2 inch in size), otherwise in great condition - $20
1914 (date not printed) - Map of the Balkan States and Central Europe - great condition - $35
1914 (date not printed) - Mexico - great condition - $20

1920 - Europe - tears in multiple creases, otherwise decent/ good shape - $10
1921 - Islands of the Pacific - Some of the creases have torn slightly, but otherwise in good shape. $10
1921 - Map of South America - a few tears in edges/creases - decent/good shape - $10
1922 - World Map - tears in some creases, good shape otherwise - $20
1922 - Africa - A couple of crease tears, slightly rough around outside edge, but decent shape. $10
1922 - Countries of the Caribbean - tears in creases - decent shape - $18
1925 - Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia - good shape $10
1925 - (I have two) Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia - good shape, slight roughness on outside right border. $9
1926 - N Carolina, S Carolina, Georgia and E Tennessee - Great shape - $10
1929 - Europe and the Near East - Some of the creases have torn slightly, but otherwise in good/decent shape - $20

1921 - photo insert - Hark! Deer at night - decent/good condition, slightly rough edges - $8
1928 - photo insert - "Fate Directs the Faltering Footsteps of Columbus - good condition - $9
1928 - insert - "The Discoverer" - decent condition - tear in one of the creases - $9

1931 - Map of the Travels of George Washington - decent shape with few tears in creases/folds - light pencil marks on border - $7
1932 - Antarctic Regions - good shape - no tears - $15
1933 - US - poor/decent shape - the body of the map is actually all right - a few tears in creases, but there are (neat) pen markings on the map for latitude and longitude - $3?
1933 - Asia - poor shape - body is marred by folded over tape marks - $0

1933 photo insert - New York - good condition - slight crease issues - $15

1935- The World - pretty good shape, a few crease tears, but not bad - $6
1935- (I have two) The World - decent shape, a few crease tears, corners, splatters, pencil marks - $1
1935 - Africa - pretty good shape - $10

1936 - Canada - Great shape - no tears, slight folds on corners - $12
1936 - Canada - decent shape - worn/torn creases - $3
1936 - Pacific Ocean - good shape - body of map in great shape, rough folded/jagged edges - $7
1937 - The White Mountains of N Hampshire - good condition - no tears/marks slight folds on corners - $25
1937 - British Isles - Great shape (cool map - colorful with images around edges!) $20
1937 -(I have two) British Isles - Great shape, but with slight fold to corners - $18
1937 - S America - good shape, slight crease issues - $9

1936 photo insert - Nebraska stratosphere - Great condition - $19

1938 - Reaches of the Nation's Capital (DC) - great shape except for corner folds, no tears - $14
1939 - Europe and The Mediterranean - good shape - a couple small crease tears - $14
1939 - Central Europe and the Mediterranean - good/great shape - no tears, one fold on corner - $18
1939 - The Reaches of NYC - good/great shape - $25
1939 - Mexico Central America and West Indies - good shape, folds on some edges / corners, no tears, red pencil mark on back - $10
1939 - (I have two) Mexico Central America and West Indies - poor shape, moderate crease damage - $1
1939 - (I have three) Atlantic Ocean - great shape - $14
1939 - Atlantic Ocean - good shape - a few pinpoint holes on body, red pencil marks on back - $9
1939 - Atlantic Ocean - decent/good shape - some small dark brown ink flecks on body - $5

Hi Erika!

Is your collection still available?  Where are you located?  I'm in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

My e-mail is:




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