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I have a set of bound editions in good condition which include 1913 tthrough 1918 and 1919 from January through June. I am looking for a value for these editions and would be interested in selling them.

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I have not generally kept information for bound volumes, except to record the highest sales of same.

Additionally, I have only kept data for “eBay” sales newer than 1908 since August of 2012 with one exception – 1913.

This volume sale I recorded in 2010 as part of a large extraordinary leather bound collection that included Volumes I through XXIV (1913), by and large complete with all covers and ad pages.

The 1913 volume was the least expensive sale in that auction and sold for $79.95.

The rest of my records are since August of 2012 (I stress these are the “highest” priced sales):

1914 - $39.99

1915 - $74.95 (bound with front covers)

1916 - $60.00 (leather bound)

1917 – $24.95

No records kept for any other years.

Please note that binding/cover condition and supplement inclusion weigh heavily on desirability.

Hope this helps!


Is this collection still available?  Where are you located?  I'm in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

My e-mail is:


This collection is still available. I am located in Castle Hill, Maine USA

What other issues do you have?


I only have those bound issues - 1913,1914,1915,1916,1917,1918 and January through June of 1919. There are 2 books for each year so a total of 13 books in all. If you are truly interested let me know.

Hi Sherry!


I am interested, but I think shipping from there is approximately $50.00 per 12 issues.  I'll have to wait to see if I can find some locally.


I'll keep you in mind, though.




P.S,  Do you know of anyone who comes to Ontario occasionally?

Hi Wendy,

I don't know anyone who goes to Ontario but do keep me in mind. I'm sure it would

cost quite a bit to send - perhaps there are alternate ways to ship for less - if I find

that is true I will let you know. Thanks for your interest - I would just like to see these

 end up with someone who can appreciate them!

Hi Sherry!

Thanks for your note.  I will keep you in mind.  Could you maybe inquire about how much it might cost to send one year at a time?  That might be better. 

Can you post photos as well?  My e-mail address is: if you want to correspond that way.

My work address is (there's always someone there):    

c/o Pappy Auto Sales and Service, 29157 Highway 28 East, Bancroft, Ontario  K0L 1C0 Canada.







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