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I would love to get hold of a copy of the 1973 pressing of "Songs and Sounds of the Sea" LP. I heard it as a child and was enchanted by it and am even more intrigued about it considering it is so hard to find.

If you know how I can get hold of this, please get in touch

Thank you

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Hello Alan,

You can find one on eBay, reasonably priced, as well as the other early LP's they did. They probably are not going to be listed all the time, or at "any" time you look, but they come up every couple weeks, some titles, then some others - - it is quite cyclical.

I have one too, that I like, but may not necessarily keep. You do know (or remember) that the LP's N.G.S. released are in nice sturdy covers, with pages of text and photos (background info.) inside/attached to the covers.

Kind regards,

Scott T. Shier
Thank you Scott,

I'll have a look on Ebay then, thank you Scott. Unless of course you'd like to sell yours!? I remember the cover being of good quality,

Thank you so much for that info,

Alan Creedon

I just had a thought that, if you have any means of recording LP's onto cd, then I could get the record to you, and you could send me the cd copy. I don't have a set-up to do it myself.

- Scott S.

Ok I'll look into it, one of my friends should be able to do this.

I'll be in touch

Hello Scott,

I'm delighted to say that a friend of a friend will transfer the album onto cd for me.

How much would you like for the LP?

Hi Alan,

sorry for the delay in sidetracked. So, did you find the record yet? If not, we can make arrangements for mine.

email me at :

- Scott
I have used duplicates. Vinyl usually is fine as these LPs were never the constant play similar vintage rock would be
Jacket condition really is what determines value. They sometimes come up for a couple of dollars, or even a set of them under ten to twenty. A specific title, in competition (as for instance the Hawaiian one has lots of non-Geographic interestt, as do Jazz and Christmas titles) that is described in very good shape has passed $30 and perhaps once or twice even $50 for one LP in a mint sleeve and jacket.

Only printing varities I have ever detected are in Songs of Greece and Songs of Scotland. Every other jacket and record label are all uniform for a particular title. If anybody else has stumbled upon another variety within the LPs, or the casettes for that matter, I'd be most interested in hearingg about it

Paul Crist
I know it has almost been two years since this was an active thread, but has anyone ripped this to mp3 perchance? I grew up listening to this (along with several other NGS sets) and had it around until my house burned down last year. I even have a worn out cassette tape that I made, but I would ultimately like to get this in some kind of digital format. This, and the Ozark album ('Songs of the Ozarks' perhaps) were my favorites.
Hi Eric,

Paul Crist (above posting) had many duplicate copies of the records, and I was in the process of working out a deal for a full set. Sadly, he has passed away on February 22nd, so I do not see how I (or you) would be able to get any from him. So far he is the only person I knew of who had copies, and was willing to sell.

Meanwhile, I myself have not been able to get a MP3 copy made - yet.

- Scott S.

I have this copy in great condition if the offer is still on the table.



Is on eBay my listing starting at $9.95

Item #




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