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Once a while I see a price on a NG item that leave me shaking head, but as I dont know that much abou the prices, I am curious what do you think about this:



this National Geographic Original Jun 1911 Insert Panoramic View Burgess Pass;

asking price $499.95

Am I living in a different world when I think its a bit over the top?

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Ha, waaaay overpriced. Not even worth it. Especially the reprint lol. I would only pay maybe 300 for reprint. And thats a maybe.

Regarding the Reprint

The ad doesn't mention if the reprint is the 1964 or the 1975 edition. According to the November 1964 issue of the NGM, page 688, the Society reproduced "only 1,000 copies of each of the early magazines." These were sold for $2 each. If memory serves, 10,000 copies of the 1975 reprint of Volume 1 Number 1 were made. This version of the reprint is denoted by the number "75" in small type on the inside of the back cover. They were sold at $10 each.

Over the years, I have seen a number of original Volume 1 Number 1 issues offered for sale at a lower price the this reprint. So either the seller is unaware of the market price for this reprint or they are hoping that a sucker an inexperienced buyer purchases it.

Regarding the June 11 Insert

The NGM reprints stopped after 1907. So this supplement is original. Many of the folds are torn and the upper right hand corner is missing. Based on its condition, IMHO the asking price of $499.95 is too high.

Prices in General

I have noticed that Millennials, Generation Zers, and Generation Alphas are not into collecting physical items as much as earlier generations. The PBS program "Antique Roadshow" has been airing retrospectives of older shows showing the old and new values. I've noticed that the prices of many items have decreased. If this trend continues, I would be hesitant to pay premium prices for National Geographic items.

Total Number of Reprints Published by the National Geographic Society (NGS)


In a letter dated July 13, 1989, signed by Eugenia M. Ryan, Research Correspondence for the NGS, a copy of which was posted on the National Geographic Collector’s Corner forum by Mr. Jeffry Persons on 9 March 2015, the following 1964 reprint production is summarized:


                                                            Individual Issues                     Bound Volumes

Volumes 1-7 (1888 – 1896)                1,400 copies per issue             1,600  

                                                +2,000 additional Volume 1, No. 1

                                    +1,000 additional Vol. 1, No.1 reprinted in 1975 (special identifier printed within)


Volumes 8-18 (1897 – 1907)              500 copies per issue                1,500

I have contacted both sellers identifying their listings as absurd!

The reprint issue verges on fraud as the three highest eBay sales of original Vol I, No.1, since 2008, when I started collecting data, are: $6,160.67; $6,000.00; and $4,850.00. That seller has never responded to my messages. The reprints for Vol I, No. 1, normally sell between $9.99 and $50.00.

The highest sale for just the June 1911 panorama without magazine is $99.99. Again, sales data since Dec 2008. The seller acknowledged my message and thanked me for it. He declared he likes to start high and work his way down.

There are always people out there that jump before looking - sad to say; my opinion is that these sellers are hoping they hit the jackpot.

Buyer beware!

FYI - Richard is correct, sales have definitely slumped in the last three years.

Thank you for the data information, certainly very interesting to learn more about the price history.

You both have a good point to be aware of the value before jumping into the buying.

Lately there has been an original first NG issue for sale on Ebay, the price started at $7,500.00 and as of today is down to 6.800,00.



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