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One 1912, two 1913, complete volumes from 1914 - 1935.

Hi Everyone,

I’m reposting this to see if there is any further interest before I try elsewhere. I’m bringing the price down to $2500 plus shipping. Email me at with any questions.


 Here is the info:

MAPS Included:
May 1914 map of Mexico
February 1914 map of Alaska.
March 1915 two panoramas of Washington DC
July 1916 map of Mexico
May 1918 map of the western theater of war

January 1921 the argosy of geography photo.

June 1925 map of the arctic regions, poor condition

May 1928 vol. LIII Num. 5 Commander Byrd at the north pole.

May 1931 map of Illinois
November 1933 aerial photo of New York

Except as listed in "Notes" below:

1912 See info above

1913 One in good shape

1914-1920 Very good condition.

1921-1925 in excellent/good condition

1926-1930 most in excellent g/vg condition. A few have pencil marks on them.

1931-1935 in excellent/ good condition



Out of the 267 magazines, here is the information on the conditions of each (using Excellent/Good/Poor):

December 1912 Front cover missing. Back cover and spine taped.
October 1913 spine damage.
November 1914 holes like for a 3 ring binder.
August 1914 minor spine damage
January 1914 hole for a 3 ring binder. Spine damage. Stapled and taped.

October 1915 spine damage.
September 1915 spine damage and lightly stained.
May 1915 spine damage

Nov & Dec 1917 – two copies of each

March 1924 spine damage.
October 1925 back cover damage, front cover has pencil marks.

Jan 1929 spine damage. Several spines taped for reinforcement, no damage.

Oct 1930 spine damage. Homemade spine replacement.

1926-1930 most in excellent g/vg condition. A few have minimul pencil marks on them.

June 1933 staples showing through back cover.

September 1934 spine damage. Homemade repair.


Thank you for your interest.


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Very "infrequently," and then only with "lucky" timing, will someone be able sell a set such as yours all at once, and then, you would be doing extremely well if you sold it for $500 (especially since the shipping cost will be over $200) because it would most likely be a new collector (usually without significant funds) trying to get started. If someone has offered this amount to you (or more) it is my opinion you should seriously consider it.

Taking the time to sell individual issues, or possibly "annual" sets on eBay will yield your best possible opportunity for significant return on your collection. However, this will take a lot of time and energy.

Please understand that most collectors already have all the inventory they wish to collect, e.g. I have more than 6,000 extra magazines above and beyond my "primary" collection. I am no longer willing to purchase entire sets just to improve my collection by a handfull of better magazines.

I have literally thrown into recycling any magazine newer than 1920 that is NOT in very good condition - because far too many of them were produced they just won't sell otherwise.

I hope this information assists you.

Good Luck!


Hi Mel,

Yes, this information is very useful. I was hoping that someone would have posted this in response to my last one but I'm glad to hear it. I've been told its worth more than $2000 but I can never get concrete verification of this.

We have a little bit of hard times hitting us right now so I was hoping to sell this for as much as possible.

Thanks again.



If you sold each individual issue on eBay you "might" realize a $2000 value for your set after paying all the eBay fees and persevered through two or three years of selling.

I suspect you are a bit more anxious to sell rather than deal with the time and effort on eBay. In that regard, the price I suggested is about right - and probably the best you would get from a dealer that wanted to bother with the magazines. There are a few people on this forum that have established NG magazine stores on eBay. I noticed that at least one has communicated with you in the past. Remember they are in the business to make money; they have overhead to cover; and they must also include the large shipping cost - but I think it would still be worth it to you to check out their eBay stores to verify their selling reputation and possibly consider any offers they may have made to you.

Full disclosure: I have purchased from several of these dealers in the past, but have not communicated with anyone about your collection.

I am finding fewer shops (used book stores) willing to deal with anything newer than the '30's, give or take a few years, and almost no auctions will handle the large bulk sales unless it's part of a significant estate.

I'm sorry for your troubles, and once again wish you the best.




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