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Over the years, there have been parodies of the National Geographic Magazine. I am including 4 samples (cover photos). These are the only parodies that I have so far:

1]  MAD Magazine, May 1958 - "National OSOGRAPHIC", features 5 mock pages which were but one article in that months issue.

2]  National Press Club "Inaugural Issue", January 1966 - this one was also produced in tight collaboration with the NGM and Melville Bell Grosvenor, to "celebrate" Society staff member Windsor P. Booth's promotion to the Presidency of the National Press Club; 20 pages.


3]  National Lampoon, December 1972 - the Lampoon's 3-page take on Nat Geo. Again, this is only one article within that months issue.

If anyone else has any information regarding parodies and/or photos of these or other parodies (there are more out there!), please do share!


Scott T. Shier

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28] Real Time with Bill Maher, February 12, 2016.  One of several parody covers from different publications on how they are covering Donald Trump.

29] Nude & Natural, Vol. 11, No. 4 - 1992.  A parody cover of "white nudity" in National Geographic.

umm, what white nudity in NGM ?  haha !

That was the point of the article.  There is none.

30] National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor, 1973.  This is a parody map supplement.  It is a map of the world.  The largest features (oceans and continents) are labeled with correct names.  Most countries, cities, rivers, and other features have humorous names; some very un-PC.  One not too off color example: three towns along "The Flog" river in Siberia are called  "Pissk", "Shitsk" and "Goblindsk".

gee, how did you happen upon this one? I want to find one now, too !

I had the map many years ago and misplaced it.  I've been tracking it down for some time now and finally found it.

31] Forbes, January 21, 1991.  Not really a parody but an homage to the NGM.  The cover had our yellow borders and the magazine has a four-page article (page 42) entitled "The World is Our Theme".  It is about the Society making its mark in television and trying its hand at audio-visual education.

32] House & Garden Magazine, October 1989.  This is a Menu made for a special dinner event at Mortimer's in Manhattan.  The article about the restaurant is entitles "Society's Café".

33] Darkroom Photography, February 1982 - UK Magazine interview with Robert Gilka.

34] National Lampoon's The Iron-On Book, 1976 - A National Geographic parody tee shirt:

35] Miss Piggy Cover Girl Fantasy Calendar, 1981 - A National Geographic parody cover for August.

Tom Wilson

36] The Portland Mercury, October 24, 2010 (?).  A Halloween parody of a Nat Geo cover.  This photo was on page 33 of the NGS publication, The Covers.  [The photo resolution is so low that I am not totally sure of the date.

37] What's On (Scotland), April 1986.  This is a parody cover on the Scottish magazine "What's On".  It is the official tourist guide to the 13th Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh.



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