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Over the years, there have been parodies of the National Geographic Magazine. I am including 4 samples (cover photos). These are the only parodies that I have so far:

1]  MAD Magazine, May 1958 - "National OSOGRAPHIC", features 5 mock pages which were but one article in that months issue.

2]  National Press Club "Inaugural Issue", January 1966 - this one was also produced in tight collaboration with the NGM and Melville Bell Grosvenor, to "celebrate" Society staff member Windsor P. Booth's promotion to the Presidency of the National Press Club; 20 pages.


3]  National Lampoon, December 1972 - the Lampoon's 3-page take on Nat Geo. Again, this is only one article within that months issue.

If anyone else has any information regarding parodies and/or photos of these or other parodies (there are more out there!), please do share!


Scott T. Shier

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4] National Lampoon, April 2008 - a send-up w/ Paris Hilton on the cover. It is 96 pages, and features many mock articles and photo spreads featuring Ms. Hilton and others. One notable page shows Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie revealing that Nat Geo Mag serves as their shoppers catalogue when adopting: "I see the photos and always know what I am going to be getting..." says Angelina. [this issue was produced in close conjuction with the NGM staff, to make it feel and look as close to the real thing as possible].

* typo correction: "HARVARD LAMPOON" (not, 'National Lampoon'). Thanks Tom for catching it.

I've got 1 thru 3.  Really, really want 4.

5] Playboy December 1975, Parody: National Pornographic.  Cover plus six-page send up of a NatGeo number.

5.1] Playboy February 1970, What-If: What if NatGeo have a Playboy style Centerfold. (Sorry, image to tall for my scanner.



6] Cracked Magazine: 1975 11th Annual Special, Biggest Greatest Cracked.  There is no article in the magazine.  The back cover is a disguise NatGeo cover to fool people as to what you are reading.

7] National Lampoon: May 1983, South Pacific issue. A 16-page send-up of a NatGeo with several "articles".  Much of the rest of the magazine has a South Pacific theme including a Robinson Caruso cover.

BTW, I got #4.  It is from Harvard Lampoon, not National Lampoon, and is definitely a cut above all the rest.


OMG Tom !!!

I am soooooo jealous and I want to stangle someone . . . I've been searching hi & lo for that Snoopy/Beagle covered spoof for yeears. I've talked to so many people trying to figure out where it came from, date, publisher, etc.

I've talked to "hard core" collector's, and even had an extended email conversation over time with the official Peanuts Collector's Society to try and figure that out. WHERE on earth did you find it?

My whole life has been Snoopy since my earliest memory, and my user ID's and emails and eBay store are all Snoopy related, haha. Like Titanic, this 1983 Lampoon is the pefect marriage of Nat Geo to something else very near and dear to me.

Well, congratulations on getting it, lucky fool.


   - Scott


Found it on eBay: Try searching: National Lampoon May 1983.  It will have a drawing of Robinson Caruso holding a "Friday" pair of panties on the cover.  The "Beagle" cover is the first page of the NatGeo parody inside the magazine.



Tom, I went and looked right away when you made this response and I found one a few days later, and I rec'd it just this weekend. I'm soooo happy now, and I wanted to show ya --->

Tom, thanks for  letting me know about my old typo! I did know that, but subconsciously mis-typed anyway. I actually have the link and a print-out of the original Harvard Lampoon press announcement for this very edition.

8] Dr. Fegg's Nasty Book of Knowledge: 1976, paperback: Terry Jones and Michael Palin (Monty Python).  This 4-page NatGeo send-up (Across the Andes by Frog) is but one chapter in the book.



9] Pick and Hammer ClubMarch 1936, This is the program for the 1936 show put on by the USGS Pick and Hammer Club held in Washington, DC.

Note: I do not have this item.  To me it is like the "holy grail" of NatGeo parodies.  I first saw a picture of this item in the September 1988 NGM, page 352.  This image is from the Pick and Hammer Club facebook page. 



Tom, I note you do not have this one, haha. Speaking of the September 1988 NGM, that is exactly how I first saw/learned of that Snoopy spoof Nat Geo !

I daresay there is a "holy grail" item in Nat Geo collecting per every sub-category of NG ephemera/collectibles. Maybe we should all put our heads together and come up with a list of the top category items that are "holy grails". 

and # ten . . .

 . . . not one I am particularly thrilled about (and I will not expend my own funds $$ to obtain one, but I still feel the need to note it, and I'll keep a image copy for reference only ---->

10] Sarah Palin parody magnet - spoofs an NGM cover. 

     * Postcard Size Refrigerator Magnet (custom made). Origin Year: ? Flexible magnet measure approx. the size of a standard postcard. With variable measurements approx. 4" x 5"   W  x  H



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