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NG maps need to be seeen & used ... not just kept folded on the shelf ....

I have a large collection of maps which I would like to open up & cataloge. They could then be put into a mylar sleeve ... 2 sides open ) and then laid down in large draftsman filing drawers.

Or, they could be laminated .... therefore completely protected on all 4 sides.

Anyone have any ideas on how to go about either approach?


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Hello Mickey,

I have gone around and around in my mind concerning my National Geographic maps. I have gone back and forth between keeping them in the order issued (chronologically, by Magazine issue), and by grouping them together by regions (geographically), and by theme (peoples, space, oceans, cultural, etc.).

I have long wished I could display them. Laminating them is expensive, burt perhaps worth doing for a few particualr ones. Also, I have wanted to have some of the more artistically crafted ones professionally framed. Maybe someday...

I do regret that they remain folded up and in storage. For now, I am not yet in my own home, where I could invest in a more permanent and suitable setup. The large draftsman filing drawers you mention would be ideal - especially if a nicer wood cabinet. Then you could maintain all the maps unfolded and in the drawers, with the large tabletop to look them over on. I even have a small hand magnifier for when I am looking at very small print.

I don't recall which issue, but sometime in the 1990's, in the Magazine feature "Geographica", they profiled an older gentleman who has his whole basement customized and finished to be a National Geographic library. There he had custom shelves for the issues and books, and a large filing cabinet to keep all the maps (unfolded) in drawers by geo-regions, and everything was labeled too. That's what I want someday!

So, how much of a collection do you have for yourself?

kind regards,

Scott T. Shier
I have complete issues from 1940 .... and selected issues from the 20's & 30's. I have no extra issues but likely have extra maps (as well as some missing ones) so I will offer them up to the Collector's Corner when I start organizing them.Cheers, Mickey
I would suggest investing in the Maps Slip Cases. They keep the Maps well protected and also make it a breeze keeping them in order. Until I build up my collection of cases, I also have them in Page Protectors in 3 Ring Binders which I keep on my bookcases. Then If you want to display them, pick the cream of the crop and invest in Lamination. That is the best form of protection in my opinion (but can get expensive at the same time).
Josh ..... I have the maps stored in small, shelf holders. I don't really want to spend money on Map slipcases as I plan to open them up within the year ..... so any money I spend will be on some kind of mylar roll or lamination. I really want all the maps to be done that way & put into the filing drawers ... not just a few of them. I am in western Canada ... don't know what prices are in other jurisdictions, but would be willing to send them away if prices were dramatically better elsewhere. Mickey



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