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Need to sell or get rid of my fiance's National Geographic Magazines!!!

My fiance has a stack of National Geographic Magazine's ranging from 1996 to 2004. He wants to get rid of them. They're in perfect condition!

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Oh? If he wants to get rid of them, why did the task fall to you? When he wants his car washed, will you wash it? When he's hungry, will you feed him? This is not a good sign for your relationship. Sounds like a co-dependency thing. Okay, I'll be serious for a second... You'll be lucky if you can find a library or school to take them. Why not keep them, have a few children, and let them cut out the pictures for a collage in one of their classes?
Co-dependency? It's not like that. It's called working together & agreeing on tasks that need/could be done. I took it upon myself to find answers because he works a lot. I wasn't looking for a jerk that was more interested in my relationship, rather than help me possibly find a good home for the NGM's whether that be a donation or getting money for them.

No need to respond to this. Bother someone else who has time for an ididot.
Hey, Nicole:

It's a shame Keith was being such a moron in the first half of his e-mail, but unfortunately in the second half he's right. I've got about 40 years of Nat Geos that are heading to the recycling bin. I hate doing that but the fact is they're not worth anything and nobody wants them.

Basically, it's the old supply and demand song. Nat Geos are just about everywhere, so the demand is non-existent. The closest I ever found to a price guide is located here:

I hate throwing them out because they're such a wonderful representation of knowledge and education. However, I need the space. Good luck!

Actually Nicole, your response was well stated and more reserved than mine would have been.

Having said that, here's a link to a discussion I provided a few months ago:

It doesn't really solve your problem, but provides a little more information and a possible solution if you'll take a look at eBay and how National Geographics are sold on that web site. Year lots, complete with maps, are probably your best options for sales.

If you're in a hurry though, Matt has called it correctly.

FYI - that dtmagazine link for pricing is a bit outdated and geared more to book store/dealer listing (almost always higher than eBay listings).

Good luck!


:) Thanks for your back up.

Again, when I get the chance, I'll check out your link.

Thank you both for your help. It's appreciated.


I do agree that the second paragraph where Keith was "...serious for a second..." is a good way to go. I'm not against that.

Thanks for the link Matt. I'll check it out sometime. We have a library just down the road from us that was willing to take them lol but once I asked my fiance about the NG's again, he was hesitant to give them to the library. :) not a big deal.

Maybe someone will come out of the blue & ask you for your NG's.




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